About The Jon Spencer Coalition

Introducing The Jon Spencer Coalition

There are a lot of wonderful creators out in the world, both big and small but it can be difficult to reach a bigger audience on your own. That’s where The Jon Spencer Coalition comes in! The Jon Spencer Coalition is a diverse network of creators on various platforms working together to expand reach, improve content, and engage positively with the larger community. You can find us under #TheJCo on Twitter.

This page will tell you everything you need to know about The Jon Spencer Coalition, it’s members, and how you can get involved.

Coalition Goals

  • Create a robust network of like minded individuals who focus on creative endeavors in mixed media (text posts, video, podcast, etc…)
  • Increase exposure and engagement for all members
  • Expand content offerings without significantly increasing workload for members
  • Offer a fun, interactive way for people to discover new and interesting creators
  • Inspire growth and creative exploration in all members

Documentation & Membership

I put together a document that lays out detailed information about The Jon Spencer Coalition and all it entails. It’s more than is reasonable for a quick resource page here. Check out the document here.

Membership to The Coalition is completely voluntary and all creators remain independent creators. For now, in order to join you need to be invited but this may change at a later date once we’ve been in operation for awhile so please check back for more information at that time. You can expect to see more collaborations and pooling of resources in order to cut down on content cannibalization while increasing quality.

Current Members

Below is a list of our current members with links to their content:

ImageK at the Movies

K has been a driving factor behind the establishment of this network. He’ll be working alongside me in a leadership position to ensure that we all move in a positive direction. He’s a super cool guy so please check out his content!

Blog | Twitter | YouTube

Biblio Nyan

From books to anime, you can find Nyan challenging themselves on the regular. They are a very welcome addition to the network as they are a long-time supporter of the kinds of things I’ve been trying to do for the community. You can expect to see their involvement with things like #AniTwitWatches and general promotion. Please give them a follow!

Blog | Twitter


Matt is another long-time supporter who has been eager to work with me on establishing The Jon Spencer Coalition. While largely acting as a cheerleader for others’ content, as he wants to see creators of all sizes succeed, he has plans for future contributions to this network when not creating content himself. Please send a follow his way!

Blog | Twitter


While not a content creator (yet), Vivumber is an active member of the Jon Spencer Reviews community. He wants to move from the sidelines and get more involved, specifically with live events and Discord related activities. Give him a follow!

Twitter | Twitch


Moya is interested in joining this network because she already feels like a part of the group that comprises it, and wants to support its creative and social values. Being part of an online community has been one of the most consistent and significant aspects of her life in recent years. She hopes she can bring this community the same sort of cheer and support that it has offered her, and continue to be inspired to further her own and others’ creative ventures. Follow her here!

Blog | Twitter


I wanted someone who’s been in the community for awhile on board and Scott was eager to join. He wanted to be a part of The Jon Spencer Coalition because it’s a community where he feels like he’ll have a voice and work with people he can trust. He enjoys being active in the community, creating cool bits of content that other people can enjoy, and supporting other people when they have their own projects. The plan is to keep striving for that goal and working to build something larger than himself. You can find him here!

Blog | Twitter


It’s fun to join in on community projects and see how everyone thinks but it can be difficult to organize everything on your own. Iniksbane is a prime example of someone who got excited about The Jon Spencer Coalition because it allows him to participate with a larger community without the stress that comes with being a solo creator. He’s looking forward to sharing his ideas and seeing what everyone else brings to the table. Check him out!

Blog | Twitter

ImageIndigo Automaton

When I was looking for folks to join The Coalition, I didn’t want just people from the anime community. This is where Indigo Automaton comes in. He’ll be streaming games and making various works of art. You can check out all he does here!

Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

ImageJack Scheibelein (LMStorytella)

Wanting to challenge himself, Jack took interest in The Coalition as he saw it as a way to expand his network and interact with others on a more regular basis. Beyond his own content, he’ll be supporting members by shouting out cool content where possible. You can find him at all of these places.

Twitch | Twitter | Everything Else

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did this idea come from and why now? – While it may seem like this has come out of nowhere, I’ve actually worked towards getting this all in place over the 2020 year. Things like my community initiatives, #Controversed, and other programs acted as a foundation to this project. I noticed that there was a vacuum for leadership in our general community and that many of us were fighting over the same audience. Why not pool our resources and work together?

I was inspired by OWLS when figuring The Jon Spencer Coalition all out. I thought they had a good idea, but ultimately one that wasn’t being capitalized on as well as it could have been. Additionally, I wanted to include ALL kinds of creatives, not just anime and manga centered ones. Seeing now that OWLS is largely inactive and defunct also demonstrates a need for another group to step in.

What can I expect to see from this group? – Initially, you won’t see a lot of changes with the formation of this group as we work to get everything in place. However, over time you can expect to see more collaborations, social events, and more! Please refer to the linked document above for a full breakdown of timetables and planned content offering.

This sounds like YOU are benefiting a lot, what are members getting out of this? While it’s true that forming a network around my branding does work in my favor, I want this network to be a win-win for everyone. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of benefits members are receiving:

  • Dedicated aid with marketing where applicable. Your success is my success.
  • Built-in engagement from members along with general support.
  • A place to discuss, workshop, and engage with a like minded community.
  • Learning opportunities to expand your skill sets both creatively and practically.
  • Chances to challenge yourself creatively and work in different mediums than you may not typically be comfortable with.
  • Monetary opportunities where applicable (dependent on streaming success and other sponsorship opportunities for participating members).

Also remember that participation in this network is completely voluntary, I’m not forcing anyone to be here.

Will this impact your content? – Yes, but don’t fret! If you’ve liked what I’ve been doing up to now, then there’s no reason to fear as I’ll be doing a lot of the same things. I plan to move away from just written content, but I will still offer written works right here on the blog as I always have.

Sounds good, I want in! – I’m really glad to hear that and am appreciative of your support. Right now we are not looking to expand the network via open applications. Members may recommend potential creators for the network, in which case I will reach out to you personally. Otherwise, please engage with our community and join my Discord here. Your enthusiasm and support will be greatly appreciated.

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