Plans For The Week 11/30/15-12/6/15 & What’s Been Goin’ On

Hello Everybody!

I know I haven’t been too active on here lately and I really must apologize for that. Things have been extremely busy and I not only needed a small break, but also didn’t have the time to write up anything of quality for the site. This update will be like the standard ones I typically do, but will also go into additional information on what I’ve been working on and where this site is headed.

The Plan

Since today is Wednesday, I am not planning to really do anything this week. However, The Boardwalk Games recently nominated me for The Real Neat Blog Award and I do want to address his questions. Outside of this update and addressing the nomination, don’t expect anything this week, but be prepared for postings resuming on a semi-regular (if not regular) schedule next week.

PS:  I have some interesting things in the works, so I promise CONTENT WILL BE COMING!

The Previous Week

Published Content: 

Since it was a Holiday last week and I was very busy, I only had the Weekly Update for that week.

Important Happenings:

Ok, this section is going to be a big one so strap in. First off, I had several projects and papers that had to be done for this week during the Holiday. I was extremely busy with them.

School Stuff:

The first project was a presentation about bias in the workplace and how it can be mitigated. The presentation focused on how bias in the workplace can occur, its implications, addressing company culture issues, tools to mitigate bias, and why all that is important. This was a term-long project so it was quite a bit of work.

Project two was my big marketing project that was also a term-long affair. I just gave the presentation yesterday and was commended for taking a unique approach, as well as having a clean report and presentation. For this project I had to write up a detailed report explaining my marketing plan for a real company that will be producing the winning product, in addition to a 5 minute pitch/presentation. This project was a blast! Unfortunately, I can not go over the details of the project currently as the winner of this competition hasn’t been announced, and the product is not yet to market.

Lastly, I had a paper that wasn’t really all that “complicated” about social media’s roll in hiring/monitoring for business. This paper ended up eating a lot of time since it had some pretty silly requirements, but it was fairly lackluster compared to the big projects that I cared about. This paper really only managed to eat up a lot of my time and take me out of writing here :/ sorry guys.

Cool Things/Stuff I wanted to mention:

Righstuf still has there holiday sale going on in full swing. If you haven’t already, check it out. I got some really good anime for very cheap and am looking forward to what they’ll be adding through-out the month. I hope to have an article about some particularly good deals/shows that are up on the sale sometime soon.

The deals don’t stop there! CoolStuffInc, my go-to place for board games has been having some sales off-and-on too for Cyber Monday and the upcoming Christmas Holiday. If you know a board gamer (or are one yourself) you should go check them out since they usually have the lowest price with free shipping in the US.

The Clannad Visual Novel finally released on Steam for $49.99. That may seem like a lot, but it’s truly a great VN that is worth your time if you enjoy Visual Novels at all. It briefly outsold Call of Duty even! WOW!

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

While I’m still not impressed with WordPress’s new format, it is getting a bit easier to work in for me as I get used to it. I would again like to apologize for not being very active over the past couple weeks, but this will soon be changing 🙂

I would like to give a big thanks to The Boardwalk Games again for the nomination, as well as James Hayward Productions for subscribing. Be sure to check them both out!

Lastly, a BIG THANKS to everybody who has continued to follow and support me even when I was busy and unable to post much here. I really appreciate it!

-Jon Spencer

Plans For The Week 11/23/15-11/29/15

large_happy-thanksgiving-titleHello Everybody!

Sorry this is a little late coming, had a busy weekend and an even busier day today. Don’t have an incredible amount to cover this week so let’s get right to it!

The Plan

It’s Thanksgiving this week, so I am not going to post anything outside of this for this week. The following week is going to be crazy busy for me so a heads up there, I’ll likely be fairly inactive until December 7th.

The Previous Week

Published Content:

I put up an anime review of Danganronpa which you can check out here.

Important Happenings:

WordPress changed how I make content now and it is pretty awful. I’m basically having to relearn how to do everything since almost nothing stayed the same. Sucks. Past that been enjoying my small break.

Of particular note, if you dig anime be sure to head over to Righstuf and check out their Holiday Sale. Some crazy discounts. If I have time I will try and point out some especially good deals once we hit December.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

Dear WordPress,

Please make it so your site is easy to use again.

❤ -Jon Spencer

Seriously though, I strongly dislike this new format. A quick thanks to Grady P. Brown and Crime/Mystery Film & Writing Festival for subbing. Go check them out if you have time. Your support is appreciated greatly, and same goes to my previous viewers as well!

Until next week, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

-Jon Spencer

Plans For The Week 11/16/15-11/22/15

Hello everybody!

I hope that each one of you han excellent week. I was very busy this and that made producing content here more difficult. Don’t worry though I’m not going away. More details on that part of the weekly update.

The Plan

  • Monday:  nothing
  • Tuesday:  Probably nothing; anime if I get it done then. We’ll see.
  • Wednesday:  Either the anime review or a board game review.
  • Thursday:  Nothing
  • Friday:  Nothing unless I have extra time
  • Saturday:  Relaxing day for me

I know that really isn’t all the much but my contributor, Dana, should be getting a review out this week as well.

The Previous Week

Published Content:

Though I was pretty busy, I did my best to get a few things out this week. I wrote a review for Love Letterr and

Important Happenings:

All of my classes are in full swing right now, which is part of the reason I’m so busy. I am now almost done the big marketing project, which I can’t really talk about until the term is over. I also have a work project as well. I’m going to be one busy beaver.

Closing Thoughts & Thanks

I don’t really have much of a chance here. If you followed me on a social media site, thanks a bunch! I would like to particularly thank the geek couple and UnimeTV for following me here. Well, that’s if for me today.

-Jon Spencer

Plans For The Week 11/9/15-11/15/15

Hello Everybody!

Sorry for not being very active last week. Things have been busy for me with school and work. I’m still kind of busy, but not nearly as busy as I was last week! Any way, it looks like I should be able to do a more normal schedule this week. On with the news! Continue reading “Plans For The Week 11/9/15-11/15/15”

🎃Halloween Week🎃

🎃Halloween Week Is Here!🎃

Enjoy 🍬

Welcome to Halloween week! This week there will be at least one article EVERYDAY that is in the spirit of Halloween. There will be video game reviews, anime reviews, board game reviews, and more! Be sure to check back everyday to see what’s new!

Each Halloween week related article will be marked as normal in addition to having a 🎃 symbol in the italicized header. For example:  This is review _ and is part of Halloween week 🎃

🎃What’s Been Released So Far🎃

Here is a list of what’s come out so far, so that content can be found more easily. My content will hit 11:59pm (PST) everyday starting today 10/25/15 until 10/31/15.

Happy Halloween!

Plans For The Week 9/27/15-10/4/15

Week 2 Already?!?

I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since I started! I got some more followers, both here and on Facebook. Thanks to Script Anime, and everyone else, for the support! I hope that everybody had a good week. Be sure to answer the poll at the bottom of the post; I want to know what you all think.

With that, let’s get to what’s on schedule. Continue reading “Plans For The Week 9/27/15-10/4/15”