The Ancient Magus’ Bride – A Flash in the Pan

Enjoyable, but Disappointed

Image result for the ancient magus brideWhen the mid-season finale for The Ancient Magus’ Bride hit I was so excited! The show was breathtaking with both its visuals and attention to detail. I wanted to keep learning more and more about this fantastic world and he characters that inhabited it. However, as the show moved into its second half I became to feel differently about the show. What I had originally thought that Magus’ Bride would end among my favorites but by time the dust settled the show was just ok at best. Join me as I explore where The Ancient Magus’ Bride went wrong for me and why I was ultimately left feeling disappointed. Continue reading “The Ancient Magus’ Bride – A Flash in the Pan”

Taking a Look at my Desktop Backgrounds

Doing Something a bit Different

Today I felt like talking about my desktop backgrounds and my thought process behind how and why I choose the ones I have. This article is a good way to get to know me some more and an opportunity for folks to share some cool images with each other. This isn’t really meant to be in-depth or anything, just for fun. I know this is something fairly atypical of me but I hope you’ll indulge me a bit and enjoy 🙂  Continue reading “Taking a Look at my Desktop Backgrounds”

The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Breathtaking Magic (Midpoint Impressions)

My Favorite Anime of the Fall 2017 Season

We have reached the final (official) entry in my journey to review every Fall 2017 anime. Today, I’ll be talking about The Ancient Magus’ Bride up to the mid-season finale. As with the other entries, you can view my initial thoughts on the series hereI’ve saved my personal favorite for last and am excited to discuss it so let’s waste no time! Continue reading “The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Breathtaking Magic (Midpoint Impressions)”

Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?

Usually, I don’t, but This Season I’m Watching Quite a Bit

Other than watching more than usual this season, I thought this would be a pleasant surprise after my short leave of absence. More than a few people have been wanting to know what I was watching this season and my thoughts so, by popular demand, I thought I’d finally do one of these things! I’ll walk through each show, my progress so far, and general thoughts. If a title you were hoping I’d cover is missing, it means I’m either not watching it or just don’t have access (it’s more likely to be the latter). Continue reading “Fall Anime 2017 Impressions – I’m Actually Doing One of These?!?”