The First Anniversary of the Jon’s Creator Showcase – A Warm Thank You & Submission Update


Thanks to YOU and the efforts of the community Jon’s Creator Showcase is now celebrating its first successful year! To think, this project was almost completely shutdown after the first month of operation, and there was a bit of a rough patch towards the end, but everything worked out and it is now a fairly beloved staple in our community here. To every single person who has hosted, submitted, or promoted the project in any way:


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Three Year Blog-a-versary

Happy Birthday!

The site turned three yesterday so I thought I’d make a little post here as a thanks to everybody who has helped support the site over the years. I really appreciate everybody who stops by whether you are a long-time reader or somebody new, everybody who comes and supports the site makes it all the better!

With each passing year the site has grown and grown, becoming larger and larger with each passing month. We hit a lot of great milestones this year by consistently reaching 100+ views per day and exceeding 400 followers! Again, I really can’t overstate how awesome everybody has been to make the site so awesome.

Of course numbers aren’t the only thing that matters. Engagement with the stuff we post here has been excellent, which has lead to many wonderful discussions and friendships. I hope that we can continue to have more great times ahead!

This is the part where I would announce a giveaway or something else fun like that but I’m just not financially able to do that. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and has been going on, during these three years. Long-time readers will know that I’ve had troubles with health and employment which sometimes improves for a short time before going back downhill again. Sorry I couldn’t manage that because believe me, I really wish I could do something like that for you guys.

Let’s work hard together to make another great year for the site!

– Jon Spencer

100 WordPress Followers! – Thank You & Q&A

We Finally Made it!

After almost two years Jon Spencer Reviews has finally hit the 100 follower milestone. We’ve had more than 100 followers for awhile if you count Facebook and Twitter, but I still felt that this was a most momentous occasion. I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everybody who has supported the site and everybody who has, and ever will, work here!

Since we hit this milestone I figured I ought to do something special. While it is a bit tried and true, why don’t we do a Q&A article? Post your questions for myself or @jacobtheawesome1 in the comments below and we’ll answer them. A bit cliché, but hey, they are fun to do from time to time!

Again, a thanks so much for your continued support and I hope that we can continue to grow our community here each day. You guys are truly awesome! 🙂