What I’m Watching – Fall 2018 Anime

Heya Folks!

So today was supposed to be the next Anime ABC’s entry for Psycho-Pass but I really wasn’t feeling up to writing the rest of it. Don’t worry though, it is coming and I think you will like the direction I took things. I just want to take my time on it and not rush completion for the sake of an arbitrary release date. Additionally, I have a nifty surprise for the next round so look forward to that. You didn’t come here to hear about that though! No, you want to know what anime I’ll be watching this season and hear my quick thoughts on each as well. Continue reading “What I’m Watching – Fall 2018 Anime”

The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 13 – Anime Character I’m Most Similar To?

The Most Difficult Post Yet

30-day-anime-challengeHere’s a quick reminder of the schedule and all that. This is easily the most difficult question in the 30 day lineup so far. I have absolutely no idea what anime character I would be similar to. I even saved this question for later into the writing so I could really think on it. In the end, I decided to try and coax an answer out of all of you guys hehehe. So how’d that turn out? Continue reading “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 13 – Anime Character I’m Most Similar To?”