Re:Zero – Mini Review

Subversive Isekai?

Image result for re zeroThere have been a lot, and I mean, A LOT of Isekai shows released over the past couple of years. A lot of them are pretty mediocre but some have stood out. Today, I’ll be looking at one such show:  Re:Zero. With the dub and home video release from Funimation just around the corner, it seemed like the best time to take a quick look at the Spring 2016 series that took many by storm. Continue reading “Re:Zero – Mini Review”

Thoughts on the Spring 2016 Anime Season

Hey There!

I shockingly watched a few things from the Spring 2016 anime line-up and thought this quick look at each show that caught my interest might be fun to do. This article will look at all the shows I watched and any shows that have caught my interest, but haven’t started/finished yet for whatever reason. Shows will be discussed in no real particular order and their may be minor spoilers. I wouldn’t expect this sort of thing each season either. With that, let’s get into it! Continue reading “Thoughts on the Spring 2016 Anime Season”