‘Rampage’ Film Review

Grade: C+

Dwayne Johnson in Rampage (2018)

‘Rampage’ may be a couple of weeks old, but that does not mean I do not have things to say about this video game adaptation. First of all, it had potential to be amazing and fun; secondly, it is an excuse for Dwayne Johnson to make another possible action blockbuster. Who am I to ponder the existence of the ‘Rampage’ movie? All I cared about when seeing this was seeing monsters destroy buildings in awesome, epic fashion! For those expecting more of the same, you have to get through an hour of movie just to see some destruction. At least, in a way, there are moments of self-awareness, and once we see the action unfold, we are treated to excitement!

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‘Moonlight’ Film Review

Grade: A

Moonlight Movie Poster

Throughout the history of Oscar Season, there comes one ‘Best Picture’ nominee that strikes you as a truly great movie. For me those films were 1962’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, the 1970’s Oscar winner ‘Patton’, and 2015’s ‘Room’, and ‘The Revenant‘ to name a few. (In fact, to name all the films I found to be truly great would take this entire paragraph and especially add more filler instead of depth.). ‘Moonlight’ is one of those nominees. Will it win this year’s Oscar for ‘Best Picture’? Who knows! My guess would have to be ‘La La Land’, due to the Academy’s love for classic film. However, ‘Moonlight’ is something special. This is a film that grabs your attention from the first frame where we are introduced to drug dealer Juan (Played with sincerity by Oscar-nominee Mahershala Ali) to the last frame where we see young Chiron a.k.a Little (Alex Hibbert) staring at the audience while occupying a beach where the film’s most emotional moments take place.

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