Creating 20 Original Anime Valentine’s Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you are on Twitter or in my Discord, you have probably already seen that I made a bunch of anime-related Valentine’s Day cards. If not, then this post will discuss why I did this project and what inspired each card. Please enjoy! Continue reading “Creating 20 Original Anime Valentine’s Cards”

3 Anime for Valentine’s Day – Romance is in the Air!

Looking for a Little Love?

Whether you are looking for an anime to cuddle up to with your significant other, or you’re ridding solo and just looking to fill that romance void, I’ve got you covered. Here are three anime that are perfect for this romantic time of year. Of course there are plenty more great shows aside from these, but if you don’t see your favorite title on the list be sure to mention it in the comments! With that, let’s jump right in.  Continue reading “3 Anime for Valentine’s Day – Romance is in the Air!”