Lost Song – Straight Forward Children’s Fare?

Critically Panned

Image result for lost song anime reviewContinuing my journey with anime on Netflix, I decided to watch Lost Song after the disaster that was Hero Mask. The description got me interested in this because it said there would be singing and a quick cursory look at the staff revealed that Yukari Tamura (you may recognize her vocal performances in shows such as Island or Higurashi) would be a prominent character. While not every roll of hers involves singing, this one seemed like it obviously would, and that was enough to get me to watch. Unfortunately, the show had a lot of bad reviews, but I was convinced there might be something to this one. Continue reading “Lost Song – Straight Forward Children’s Fare?”

‘Moana’ Film Review

Grade: A

Moana Movie Poster

Although not the first ethnic Disney leading lady, (and certainly not the first female to take charge and become independent) there is something about Moana (Voice of newcomer Aul’i Cravalho) that makes her an inspiration to young girls like the few who have come before her. Much like Merida from ‘Brave’, she is a free spirit who longs for adventure and can be a bit stubborn. Comparing her to Mulan from the movie of the same name, and Princess Anna from ‘Frozen’, she is determined to reach her goal and do what’s right even if the impossible tries stopping her. She is the leading lady that all the girls in the audience should look up to. (Disney is full of these women, trust me.) I say leading lady, because she does not like to be acknowledged as a princess. (Which, in turn, leads to a very clever satirical joke by Dwayne Johnson’s demigod Maui regarding the stereotype.)

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‘Trolls’ Film Review

Grade: C

Trolls Movie Poster

The Troll Dolls (created by Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam) have been inhabiting the shelves of many homes after they were first carved out of wood since the early 60’s. (There is a kind of funny reference to the way they were made early on in the beginning of the film.) I remember growing up around the plastic versions of these hilariously dressed, baby-faced cuties in almost every house I’ve been in; for me, I just could not avoid them. Now that the movie based on the long-dead fad has turned into a ‘Happy Feet’/’Strange Magic’ semi-musical involving the adorably positive trolls and a threat they have to face, the fad may just be back for a new generation of children to collect.

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