Jacob’s 12 Best Movies of 2021

As the pandemic raged on, something miraculous happened that got us through the year 2021! Businesses started reopening, including movie theaters. Not only could we go back and see our friends who we felt empty without, but we could also experience the feeling of paying a ticket to a movie that we thought would never release. Once again, we could smell the scent of freshly buttered popcorn, quench our thirsts with refreshing beverages, and see amazing sights that graced the screens! Of course, streaming was always an option for those who felt more comfortable just staying at home without the risks of catching transmissions from a stranger’s orifices. Nothing truly beats the feeling of being back at the cinema again! While I have been going to the theater less, I have managed to catch a few gems on the big screen (four of these have made the list to be exact – points if you can guess which ones)! The movies are back and I have 12 that made an impression on me! As with every year, I am sure that there are some superior movies I may have missed, especially with awards season, which if I had seen before this list would knock some of these picks down, so you get what you get! Without further ado, let’s begin!

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