Bicycle Thieves: The IMDB Top-100 Watchlist

But if the film is allowed to wait long enough–until the filmmakers are dead, until neorealism is less an inspiration than a memory–“The Bicycle Thief” escapes from its critics and becomes, once again, a story. It is happiest that way.

Roger Ebert on Bicycle Thieves, 1999.

The length of time I have taken off from reviewing movies has become a bit of a meme among my friends. Things have hit hard with COVID-19, moving away from home, and generally having a writer’s block the size of the Korean DMZ. All things considered, it has been good to get some time to think about the way I approach movies, and generally look into some movies I might never see. It is for this reason that I have delved deep into the ratings of IMDB to find the top community rated films of all time (to be perfectly clear, I bought a poster of the top 100 list for me and my girlfriend, and we’re watching a movie every week from the list). Let’s have a look at the first movie from the list: Bicycle Thieves.

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Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. – Basically a B Version of The Mask

This Film is Nuts

Image result for sgt. kabukiman n.y.p.dMy buddy decided one day that he was had to show me Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. and I obliged him. He had mentioned it a few times and it sounded kind of insane. What was just meant to be him showing me a bit of the movie to see if I might want to watch it later, turned into us actually watching the whole thing. I knew it was a B movie and I really wasn’t expecting much, but Kabukiman was both funny and entertaining throughout. Continue reading “Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. – Basically a B Version of The Mask”

Tickled – A Must-See Documentary

You Won’t Expect Anything in This Film

Image result for tickledNow I know this may be a huge stretch for some of you. Maybe you don’t believe me. However, I urge you to at least hear me out a bit here. Tickled is a 2016 documentary directed by David Farrier a New Zealand journalist who is known for covering popculture stories. Things get interesting (and more than a little weird/mysterious) when he decides to look into the bizarre world of competitive tickling. Trust me when I say, you won’t expect the twists and turns this (100% real mind you) documentary takes as it uncovers a shocking secret. Continue reading “Tickled – A Must-See Documentary”

Paranorman – Norman isn’t Normal but That’s OK

What Would You do if You Could See Ghosts?

Paranorman is the second film to come out of Liaka Studios. Unlike their first film, Coraline , this film is an original story. Originally premiering in 2012, how does Paranorman hold up today and is it a worthwhile watch? Spoiler; the answer is yes. Continue reading “Paranorman – Norman isn’t Normal but That’s OK”

Coraline – Say Hello to Your Other Mother

Pretty Freaky for a Children’s Film

After noticing Jacob had reviewed Laika Studios’ most recent film, Kubo and the Two Strings, I decided it was high time we got around to reviewing Laika’s older films. What better time than during the October Review Fest? Today I’m looking at Coraline, a film that is pretty creepy and based on the Neil Gaiman book of the same title. It’s a great film for the time of year, but an excellent watch regardless. Continue reading “Coraline – Say Hello to Your Other Mother”

‘Akira’ Classic Film Review.

Grade: B-

Akira Movie Poster

‘Akira’ is considered by many to be an important film that paved way for future science-fiction classics, such as ‘The Matrix’ by The Wachowskis. It was also the film that was said to have introduced Anime to the Western part of the world. I have been wanting to see this film for a few years now; once I saw it in Target, the “movie critic” in me told me to buy it, considering it to be an important addition to my collection of film. (and what a wide variety I have.) After finally watching the film last night, I admit that it is definitely not the greatest Anime film I’ve seen in my life.

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