‘The Happytime Murders’ Film Review

Grade: C

Melissa McCarthy and Dorien Davies in The Happytime Murders (2018)

The idea of puppets doing shocking things is not new in the entertainment industry; before ‘The Happytime Murders’, there were ‘Avenue Q’, ‘Team America: World Police’, and ‘Meet the Feebles’ have all surprised, offended, and tickled the funny bones of audiences looking for some raunchy puppet entertainment. The thing is, ‘The Happytime Murders’ was brought to you by Brian Henson, who has stepped into his late father, Jim Henson’s shoes with films like ‘Muppet Treasure Island’ and ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’. Now, he has strayed away from the sweetness that is ‘The Muppets’ into a gritty, offensive, and socially relevant world of ‘The Happytime Murders’.

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‘Ghostbusters’ Film Review.

Stars: 2 out of 5


Ghostbusters Movie PosterYep! Paul Feig’s female-lead reboot of the classic 80’s comedy ‘Ghostbusters’ is bad, but when we actually see the ghosts attack the streets of New York, it becomes one wild, adrenaline-pumping ride. As much as the reboot was not going to be as great as the original, I was actually looking forward to it, being the ‘Ghostbusters’ lover I call myself. After seeing this movie, I thought to myself on the walk home that maybe Dan Aykroyd was just so desperate to get ‘Ghostbusters III’ out of development hell, but decided to make role models for little girls who want to put on the proton packs themselves and be actual Ghostbusters.

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