Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks (2014) Route 1 Alternative – Should You Start Here?

The Age Old Question

As with any larger franchise, this question always seems to come up:  where should I start? It’s a seemingly simple question without an equally straightforward answer. If you have been following my Fate journey thus far you’d notice that each has a “route” in the article’s title and wondered why I bothered putting it there. In part this is to help you, the reader, navigate the articles in a sensible way as to have my thoughts presented more cohesively, but even more so it acts as a general watch order suggestion. That brings us back to this article which you may have noticed is labeled “route 1 alternative” much like the review of the 2006 and 2010 Deen adaptations, so what gives?
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Girls und Panzer – Anime’s Variety with CGDCT (Cute Girls Driving Cool Tanks)

There’s More to Moe Than Meets the Eye

When it comes to shows about a group of girls doing a task together a few things may come to mind:  light, fluffy, moe, casual, laidback, and so on. However, not every “cute girls doing cute things,” or CGDCT for short, show is built equally. I touched on this briefly in my deep dive into Love Live! School Idol Project, but Girls und Panzer is a fine example of one such show that doesn’t neatly fit into a traditional mold. Join me as we take a look at Season 17’s #AniTwitWatches title and why we all seemed to have such a great time with it. Continue reading “Girls und Panzer – Anime’s Variety with CGDCT (Cute Girls Driving Cool Tanks)”

9 μ’sings about Love Live! School Idol Project

Finally, I Watched Love Live!

I’ve actually been quite interested in watching Love Live! School Idol Project for some time now. Unfortunately, the series only had the second season of the first series available for several years. That is, until recently when Funimation (now Crunchyroll) got the streaming rights to the first season. While it’s true I could have started with future entries, I wanted to start from the beginning and make my way slowly through the franchise as I’ve been doing with Fate and others. Today I’ll be sharing 9 thoughts, or “μ’sings” if you will, about my experience with Love Live! so far. Continue reading “9 μ’sings about Love Live! School Idol Project”