‘Downsizing’ Film Review

Grade: D-

Alexander Payne’s ‘Downsizing’ is a film that has so much potential; a seemingly original premise, social commentary, and promising visuals. A surefire contender for the Oscars! Payne (who also did ‘Election’, ‘Sideways’, and ‘The Descendants’) even tries his damnedest to get the look and feel of a world this small right; yet sadly, there are so many missed opportunities, making it seem like your average everyday drama about breathing in life, and enjoying the little moments before they are gone forever. (No pun intended on the “little”.) 

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‘Sausage Party’ Film Review

Score: 4 out of 5



Be warned as you go into ‘Sausage Party’! There are a few major scenes near the end that will not only offend some, but also qualify as “Outrageous”; this warning comes from a guy who enjoys animated comedies such as ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut’, and the political satire that is ‘Team America: World Police. One of the major scenes that I won’t discuss is so outrageous in an over-the-top manner that it puts those two films and many other animated adult comedies to shame. Not even the X-rated ‘Fritz the Cat’ could raise the levels that ‘Sausage Party’ has raised. Another warning I have to explain for those parents on Facebook; ‘Sausage Party’ is rated R. A lot of people now know this with its overdone marketing trying to raise awareness, but this movie is a different type of R. It’s a ground-breaker for future animated movies to come.

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