Anime ABC’s – J is for Joker Game

I Spy a Good Show?

77523This isn’t actually the first time I’ve talked about Joker Game on the site. I actually took a look way back in Spring 2016 when the show was actually airing. At the time, I was only partially through and was watching it in Japanese. You can read my thoughts on it from then here (I’ll be referring to some of my thoughts there so you may want to read it). This time I decided to watch the show dubbed via VRV to see if my thoughts changed.

With that, did Joker Game manage to be a good show in the end? Did the English voice acting improve its quality? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – J is for Joker Game”

Anime ABC’s J Results

We Have a Winner!

It was looking like we might see another tie but on the last day we managed to get one more vote that tipped the balance in favor of:  Joker Game! Receiving a total of 8 votes from our 20 unique voters. Since I watched Joker Game during its original airing, I will revisit this series dubbed thanks to VRV, which has the Funimation simul-dub that I was unable to view back then.

Expect me to take a week or two to watch and then a couple of days to write. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sorry I can’t have such a fast turn around like last time. That truly was a rare occurrence, but mostly due to the nature of what I was reviewing.

With that, here is the break down for the votes as per the usual:



Other votes:  Jin-Roh (Film x2), Jungle Emperor Leo (Film), Joshiraku, Jyu Oh Sei, and Jigoku Shoujo

Thoughts on the Spring 2016 Anime Season

Hey There!

I shockingly watched a few things from the Spring 2016 anime line-up and thought this quick look at each show that caught my interest might be fun to do. This article will look at all the shows I watched and any shows that have caught my interest, but haven’t started/finished yet for whatever reason. Shows will be discussed in no real particular order and their may be minor spoilers. I wouldn’t expect this sort of thing each season either. With that, let’s get into it! Continue reading “Thoughts on the Spring 2016 Anime Season”