Jon’s Bizarre Adventure – Disappointed in Stone Ocean

My JoJo adventure continues…

To understand why I’m so disappointed with Stone Ocean you have to go back to the beginning. This isn’t my first look at the JoJo franchise, in fact I’ve done a deep dive you should read before this one as it should help to explain why I just didn’t enjoy this latest installment. One of the reasons I caught up on the entire franchise was in preparation for Stone Ocean, which has had considerable hype from the community well before it ever existed in anime form. Now that it has come to an end, I’m sorry to report that it may not be worth your time. Continue reading “Jon’s Bizarre Adventure – Disappointed in Stone Ocean”

Jon’s Bizarre Adventure – A JoJo Retrospective in Preparation for Stone Ocean

I’ve Returned From Yet Another Anime Pilgrimage…

My last multi-year journey in anime saw me visiting Hunter x Hunter but even before that I had begun an even longer journey back in 2016, now five years later, I have returned from one bizarre adventure, the story of which I am prepared to share with you here today. I’ll be walking through each leg of the journey, my thoughts, the things I took away, and naturally, any regrets that came along with my travels. So sit back, enjoy a fine wine, and let me regale you with the anime legend that is:  Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Continue reading “Jon’s Bizarre Adventure – A JoJo Retrospective in Preparation for Stone Ocean”

15 Anime that Obliterate the 3 Episode Rule

I Pulled in a Favor

Lately I’ve been pretty busy so I asked my buddy K at the Movies if I could borrow his intern for today’s article. This is what they came up with, and I think you’ll have plenty to talk about after giving this one a read. Here are 15 anime that prove the 3 episode rule isn’t one fans should always follow. Continue reading “15 Anime that Obliterate the 3 Episode Rule”