‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Film Review

Grade: F

Like most comedy sequels, ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ has no reason to exist. The money that the previous films in this now trilogy received could have been used to plant a tree, donate to a charity, or whatever Elizabeth Banks and company set their hearts to, instead of funding for this forced, contrived, and nonsensical swan song. (Let’s hope!) I really liked Jason Moore’s ‘Pitch Perfect’; It had a charm to its female power and its A Capella moments were a romp. After the not-so-surprising success at the box office in 2012 came ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ three years later (which Banks – who also appeared in the first film – took on directing duties for). I had mixed feelings about the first sequel; in a way, it felt like an imbalanced roller coaster; one joke I was laughing, the next: not so funny. I never expected ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ (now directed by ‘Step Up: All In’/ OK Go music video director Trish Sie) to be good; in fact, a second sequel at this point sounded unnecessary, but I just could not resist!

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‘The Accountant’ Film Review.

Grade: B-

The Accountant Movie Poster

From the first trailer I saw for ‘The Accountant’, I was expecting a hint of mystery and vagueness with Ben Affleck tapping his fingers on a desk with scenes cut for tension. (Something that would make directors like Christopher Nolan and David Fincher proud.)
 Instead, I got Affleck’s stern emotionless expression and intelligent brain. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Affleck has proven himself in the past few years with films like ‘Argo’, ‘Gone Girl’, and surprisingly ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’. ‘The Accountant’ is another addition to the roster of movies where Ben Affleck actually shows skill as an actor; and in this movie, he has hit a home run, even if the movie has a struggle of getting to home plate.

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