Hikaru no Go – A Rare Kind of Show

Seriously, You Should Watch This

Related imageIt’s incredibly rare for a show to follow its characters over the course of several years, really letting you see how they grow and develop. That’s exactly what you get with Hikaru no Go. If I had to compare the 2001 title to anything, it would be March Comes in like a Lion, but where that show is about the game of Shogi, placing more emphasis on events outside the game, this is about the ancient game of Go with a more traditional sports anime format. Spanning 75 exciting episodes, you’ll find yourself deeply invested even if you don’t know a thing about Go itself. Continue reading “Hikaru no Go – A Rare Kind of Show”

The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4 – My Favorite Female Character

Another Tough Choice!

30-day-anime-challengeHere’s the schedule in case you wanted to know what we’ve done so far and what is yet to come. Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite female character. Just like yesterday there are too many great choices. Have you figured out what that means yet? That’s right! Another top 3 for today. Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 4 – My Favorite Female Character”

Taking a Look at my Desktop Backgrounds

Doing Something a bit Different

Today I felt like talking about my desktop backgrounds and my thought process behind how and why I choose the ones I have. This article is a good way to get to know me some more and an opportunity for folks to share some cool images with each other. This isn’t really meant to be in-depth or anything, just for fun. I know this is something fairly atypical of me but I hope you’ll indulge me a bit and enjoy 🙂  Continue reading “Taking a Look at my Desktop Backgrounds”