Another Review


This is anime review 7 & is part of Halloween Week🎃

Some anime can be scary, but most anime that try to go the horror route are pretty bad and not worth your time or money. That being said, every once and awhile a show comes around and manages to get things right. Another tries to be one of these horror gems, offering mystery, gore, and suspense. Let’s take a look at whether or not this anime delivers or falls a bit flat. Continue reading “Another Review”

Ghost Stories Review (Sort of)


This is anime review 6 & is part of Halloween Week🎃

Let’s get this out of the way right now. This is not going to be like my standard reviews. For this review, the dub will only be looked at. The sub version is terrible and isn’t worth watching. The dub, well, that’s a different story altogether. Continue reading “Ghost Stories Review (Sort of)”

Betrayal At House On The Hill Review


This is Board Game Review 4 and is part of Halloween Week🎃

Betrayal At House On The Hill, or Betrayal for short, is a ridiculously fun game for 3-6 victi- I mean players. It’s perfect for Halloween, or anytime of the year, as you explore the old house atop the hill. You may have come to have fun, but one of you is set to betray you all. Can you make it out alive? Continue reading “Betrayal At House On The Hill Review”

SOMA Review


This is video game review 2 and is a part of Halloween Week🎃

SOMA is a first person horror game created by Frictional games and released September of 2015. Known for other horror titles such as Amnesia and the Penumbra series. Both Amnesia and Penumbra were excellent experiences that left me wanting more. The big question is, did SOMA meet expectations, or fall a little flat? Continue reading “SOMA Review”

🎃Halloween Week🎃

🎃Halloween Week Is Here!🎃

Enjoy 🍬

Welcome to Halloween week! This week there will be at least one article EVERYDAY that is in the spirit of Halloween. There will be video game reviews, anime reviews, board game reviews, and more! Be sure to check back everyday to see what’s new!

Each Halloween week related article will be marked as normal in addition to having a 🎃 symbol in the italicized header. For example:  This is review _ and is part of Halloween week 🎃

🎃What’s Been Released So Far🎃

Here is a list of what’s come out so far, so that content can be found more easily. My content will hit 11:59pm (PST) everyday starting today 10/25/15 until 10/31/15.

Happy Halloween!

Why I Love… Halloween


Article 5 in the Why I Love… Series

With Halloween Week just around the corner it’s time to get hyped up! Halloween is a time for horror and fun for all ages. The only holiday that even comes close to being as enjoyable to me is Christmas. So with that, let’s get on with why I love Halloween so much! Continue reading “Why I Love… Halloween”

Halloween Week Announcement!


This announcement is a bit early, but I’m happy to say that I have plans for the entire Halloween week! For the entire week of Halloween (10/25/15-10/31/15) I will be releasing various reviews and discussion pieces in the Halloween spirit. THERE WILL BE AT LEAST 1 THING EVERYDAY!!!!

What’s planned is a secret, but I’m sure everybody will enjoy it. The reason for the early announcement is to let you guys know that since I’m doing this, the next week or so will not be as productive for me. I’ll still release things here-and-there but don’t expect more than 3 things per week (as is the usual).

Hope to see you here!

-Jon Spencer