‘Isle of Dogs’ Film Review

Grade: B-

Isle of Dogs (2018)

Whether you love or hate him, there is no denying that Wes Anderson is one of the most unusual, and artistic directors working on the Indie scene. From 1996’s ‘Bottle Rocket’ to 2014’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, Anderson has brought a quirky sense of charm to each and every one of his films. One could argue that he relies mainly on style over substance. ‘Isle of Dogs’ is definitely an admiration of animation (and possibly more detailed and less stoic than his first animated feature, ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’), yet story-wise, it takes some time to immerse yourself in such beauty.

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‘Lady Bird’ Film Review

Grade: B+

Lady Bird (2017)

Oscar Season has officially started; which means that ‘Best Picture’ nominees – besides ‘Get Out’ – are returning to theaters for audiences to give a chance to before that fateful day (March 4) comes. I have only got a chance to see both ‘Get Out’ and ‘Dunkirk’ before ‘Lady Bird’ came out. Now with “Oscar Blitz” happening at one of my local theaters, I finally might get that chance to watch all the ‘Best Picture’ nominees that will screen there – starting with Greta Gerwig’s magnum opus ‘Lady Bird’.   

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