Freaky Friday 1 of 4 – 10 Anime to get You into the Halloween Spirit


I hope everybody is doing well this fine October. The past couple of years I’ve done Halloween events, most notably last year with my October Review Fest where I did a whole month of themed content. Unfortunately this year I totally spaced the fact that October comes after September (I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff, bare with me guys) so I was not at all prepared to do an awesome event at that scale again this year. Don’t distress though, that’s where Freaky Fridays come in! Every Friday this month I’ll have a themed article for the Halloween season. Today, 10 anime to get you into the Halloween spirit! Continue reading “Freaky Friday 1 of 4 – 10 Anime to get You into the Halloween Spirit”

Re-Kan! – Mini Review

Jaw-Dropping Backgrounds

Image result for re-kanFor no particular reason I ended up watching Re-Kan! over an extended period of time. It’s a little comedy about a girl who can see and talk to ghosts that is actually a lot more heart-felt than you might expect at first glance. Re-Kan! is a cute 13 episode show from 2015 that won’t be the next best thing you’ve watched but a good showing if you like fairly straight-forward stories about helping ghosts centered around a group of high school friends. The biggest hurdle for most viewers, however, is the, “unique” backgrounds.

I mentioned I’m not sure why I started watching the show but the reason I stayed was for the backgrounds (plus the first couple of stories were fairly funny and cute). You all thought Hand Shakers and Gonzo productions were bad at times? Man, Re-Kan! is something else. Here’s just a few samples:

Image result for re-kan backgrounds

Related image

This was just what I could find online with a Google search but watch episode one, be sure to pay special attention to the car in that episode, and you’ll see what I mean. Normally the show looks great but the backgrounds were a huge clash. Considering most of the locations are heavily reused and there isn’t a ton to animate in most scenes, it is such a bizarre choice to have your most used locations look so ugly.

I can’t help but love them though. They always brought a smile to my face and since everything else was a good time it was easy to overlook (well, not exactly easy but I was happy to do it). My personal favorite episodes come toward the end as they become more emotionally weighted. I liked the episodes with the little ghost girl and the main character’s mom the most.

Image result for re-kan car from episode 1

Unfortunately, in the early episodes especially, their is a pretty awful cat character that likes looking at women’s panties (more like young girls…) so I wasn’t a big fan of that. This being said, there is almost no fanservice in this show which I enjoyed since the cast is mostly female and the genre category is comedy.

Last thing to mention, and this doesn’t have much to do with my previous points, for some reason the OP sounds very similar to the Ghost Stories OP which leads to some unfortunate moments when it is used as sad music in the background. If you haven’t seen Ghost Stories you should definitely check that out too.

Re-Kan! isn’t going to be for everybody but I hope you’ll decide to give it a shot. In the midst of all the new shows that come out each year it can be fun to go back and try random shows you may have missed. Sometimes, you may just be glad you did!

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below. Hit that button you see to donate some dosh my way. As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews soon!


🎃Happy Halloween🎃

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Unfortunately, there has just been too much going on in my life for me to do a full fledged Halloween Week like I did last year, but I didn’t want to do nothing this year. In this article I’ll tackle some cool Halloween suggestions as well as to call back to posts of yesteryear’s Halloween.

Stuff From Last Year

Just click on the titles of the reviews below to see what I was talking about last year.

Things I think people should especially check out or do from this list for Halloween this year are Betrayal At House On The Hill, Over The Garden Wall, and (obligatorily) The Nightmare Before Christmas. Each item from last year’s review slate is a good one for Halloween either way though.

Some New Recommendations

Here’s a short list of three things I recommend for your Halloween along with a brief reason as to why for each. These are in no particular order.

1. Shiki


Shiki is by far one of the best horror anime I’ve ever watched. At first glance, the show seems pretty terrible but given the chance, Shiki is more than capable of proving just how great of a show it actually is. Shiki is a more traditional vampire story taking place in a modern setting. When the horror sets in, and mind you it does take its time getting there, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Of particular note, I found it interesting that the show explored some deeper sociological and philosophical topics, which may be of some interest to others.

You can watch this one for on Hulu subbed.

2. Soul Eater

This show just oozes Halloween. I’ll leave some pictures and the OP below, should speak for itself. Not as spooky as Shiki but a fun watch if you haven’t seen it before. You can watch this one on Hulu too (dub and sub).



3. Stranger Things


In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know, Stranger Things is fantastic. If you haven’t seen it already, go watch it on Netflix. Need some convincing? Jacob did a review of this one, so click on this link and check it out.






Ghost Stories Review (Sort of)


This is anime review 6 & is part of Halloween Week🎃

Let’s get this out of the way right now. This is not going to be like my standard reviews. For this review, the dub will only be looked at. The sub version is terrible and isn’t worth watching. The dub, well, that’s a different story altogether. Continue reading “Ghost Stories Review (Sort of)”