A Look Back On ‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ – The Clash of the Horror Titans

Before Godzilla Vs. Kong, Batman V. Superman and Alien Vs. Predator, there was Freddy Vs. Jason; the movie that pitted two horror icons against each other! Just the idea of placing Freddy Kreuger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th in a battle to the death seemed like something a slasher movie fan would conjure up. Well, someone took that idea and decided to put it to film as an original idea instead of something based off of a comic (which were the stages for crossover battles like this), yet upon rewatching Freddy Vs. Jason, it seemed that it was probably better left to a horror fan’s wet dream.

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‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Film Review

Two years after Sonic the Hedgehog surprised and impressed audiences with its blend of character-accurate CG (which couldn’t have been possible without the cry of outraged fans who were unlucky enough to catch the first trailer back in 2019) and witty humor, we get a sequel that seems to promise more Sonic adventure with the addition of two classic characters, yet upon further viewing becomes much of the same in terms of comedy and hi-jinks. I was one of those people who was not as impressed with the first Sonic, as it felt more like a mid-2000’s kids movie based on a cartoon a la Alvin and the Chipmunks or Smurfs (The latter in 2011, but still). Not even the presence of Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik was enough to save the experience. Cut to 2022, things seemed to have changed. Carrey sported a look more in line with the Dr. Robotnik we know and love, while the introduction of Miles “Tails” Prower and Knuckles the Echidna, and a plot involving chaos emeralds seemed to ensure a Sonic film worth seeing. While Sonic 2 improves on the adventure aspect, it seems held back by an attempt at being a family-comedy.

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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Film Re-Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home finally got a home release yesterday, so I decided to stop down by Fred Meyer to buy the Blu-Ray. I figured it was great enough to add to my movie collection! As most of you know, I really loved No Way Home and consider it to be the best movie of 2021, as well as the best of both the MCU films, and the Spider-Man film franchise. I would have even checked it out again on the big screen if I had the chance (and money). I was especially thinking of writing a spoiler-filled review to talk about the details I could not in my initial review. I am sure that a lot of people have seen it by now, and after giving No Way Home a rewatch, I feel the need to write a re-review, so I can talk about this film in detail!

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‘Jackass Forever’ Film Review

A decade after their last theatrical outing, the guys of Jackass have returned to show the world that they still have it. In a world dealing with political turmoil and a never-ending pandemic, we need a movie like Jackass Forever to brighten our spirits with some good old schadenfreude. There is no guarantee that anyone will make it unscathed, yet the end result is a fun, if not sickening, time. For the past twenty years, Johnny Knoxville and his buddies have seen and done it all, from the wild and outrageous, to the gross and disgusting. But through it all, they know how to have a good time, even if that type of fun is dangerous.

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‘Fresh’ Film Review

In the tradition of movies that have been known to inspire shock and fascination, Fresh seems to join the pack. Just one viewing is bound to cause a reaction from those lucky enough to stream it. However you see it, Fresh is a really unique movie to come out in the first half of 2022. While it is marketed as a horror-comedy, Fresh is at the least, unsettling. Much like other horror films of this level, I have a feeling that it will be another cult classic, discussed by many for its disturbingly strange nature.

Directed by Mimi Cave, Fresh stars Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa, a young woman trying to navigate the world of online dating, yet with very little success. Most of her dates tend to be ignorant snobs who don’t even have one shed of decency. All that seems to change when she has a run-in with Steve (Sebastian Stan), a seemingly-average man who comes off as awkward at flirting, but has no care for whatever social apps people are using; preferring real-world meetings to technology. It soon becomes clear that they hit it off as they go out for a date, and he invites her to take a trip to his place over the weekend. What could possibly go wrong? Knowing the horror-movie formula, Steve is not all he seems, as he has a rather unusual appetite. Need I say more without giving it away? I dare not.

From the moment we finally get an opening title/credits sequence, which takes place around the 33-minute mark, Fresh diverts itself from being a tale of romance to a darkly funny horror movie, which utilizes tension as much as it can. The shock and awe on display makes for an uneasy experience. I would say it is less of a date movie (unless your significant other is into this brand of horror) and more of a cautionary tale, even though the message of the dangers of online dating have been around since the internet took off. Stan is perfect as Steve, as he does have the charisma to pull off sweet and awkward, while also being menacing once the wolf gets revealed under the guise of a sheep. He is also funny when he needs to be; displayed in a scene where he dances to Animotion’s “Obsession” while in his kitchen. Edgar-Jones is also great as Noa, as her demeanor is that of vulnerability. With these two, you have a perfect match of odds. Cave has all the ingredients to make a stomach-churning dish that stays with you until its gruesome finale. Whether you know what you’re in for, or are just walking into it cold, Fresh is quite a meal.


A Look Back at ‘Space Jam’ – The movie that defined my childhood (and the 90s)

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Anyone who grew up in the 90s will remember the movie Space Jam, the live-action/animated hybrid film which brought together the likes of the NBA with the antics of the wacky Looney Tunes characters that we all know and love. Whether it truly holds up however, is an altogether different animal. The plot, albeit simple, was absolutely bonkers. In case you have never heard of Space Jam (and why wouldn’t you?), the film is about tiny aliens from Moron Mountain, an amusement-park style planet ran by the ruthless Mr. Swackhammer (Voiced by Danny DeVito of all people), who seems to be struggling with bringing in customers for his rides. The aliens that show up to the park find themselves disenchanted with the attractions there. As one bratty alien tells his dad “This place stinks! Don’t bring me here anymore, right?”, a phrase that the corrupt, cigar-chomping proprietor has heard one too many times. “We need new attractions!”, he declares to his assistants, the nerdlucks (Yes, those are their names), who are more than happy to please. So what do they do? They decide to go visit the Looney Tunes in order to kidnap them and bring them back as nothing more than entertainment. Of course, the Looney Tunes are not going without a fight, and convince the nerdlucks to give them a chance to defend themselves. How do they do it? With a game of basketball. Enter Michael Jordan, who has retired from the game in order to play Baseball (which actually happened in real life), though not as skilled at hitting a ball as he was slamming dunks. After a relaxing golf game with Larry Bird and Bill Murray (No joke), Jordan ends up getting sucked into a golf hole down into “Looney Tune Land”, where Bugs Bunny desperately asks him for help.

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‘Soul’ Film Review

Soul (2020) - Movie Posters (1 of 3)

The best type of movies that Pixar makes are the ones that are the most meaningful. It is clear that the studio known for making films like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles know a thing or two about what speaks to people. Sure, their films are kid-friendly, but the thing that makes Pixar the gold standard in animation, besides the beautiful animation that gets better with each entry, but the themes that resonate with the oldest of viewers. Soul is no exception. While it may be as fun as a Pixar film should be, it ranks along the likes of Up, Inside Out, and Coco as one of the studios most emotional, deep, and mature efforts.

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