This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episodes 4 & 5


Last week we took a short break from the collaboration here with Yomu so we could get the Showcase posted. However, we are back this week with episodes 4 and 5. You can check out all the themes and such for episode 4 here, and for episode 5 here. I chose a more unusual theme for episode 4, “liquids” and for episode 5 we’ll be talking about my favorite moment with Collette! Continue reading “This Art Club Has a Problem! – Collaboration with Yomu: Episodes 4 & 5”

Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration – Episode 5 Featuring Ayano (& Sometimes Lethargic Ramblings)

Getting Some Answers

Oh boy, things are heating up in WIXOSS. Today Ayano and I are going to be sharing our thoughts on episode five. Leth is unfortunately still unavailable but for very good reason. He is getting married really soon! Congrats to him! Hopefully we’ll hear from him again soon though. With that, let’s dive into this week’s episode!

Jon:  Alright so this week I had a lot going on so when I watched the episode I was super tired. My two big thoughts were: Oh man, things really feel like they are about to go nuts here and I was pretty sure that everybody was finally going to get together and start making a strong plan. The second thought did not come into fruition yet though.

That being said, everybody except Ruuko is no in position so the show should be ready to barrel on ahead. Really, it is going to need to start moving some because watching everybody just run around and not progress the plot too much was kind of boring this episode. We did get some information that I wondered about though, and that had to do with losing your LRIG.

When you lose your LRIG can you still battle? Nope. Do the coins really matter this season? No! Can you give away another person’s LRIG after you win it? Noperino. Can everybody become an LRIG during a battle? You guessed it, no, only those who were once LRIGS before.

I really did enjoy this episode and appreciated the information it provided but I am wanting the show to get on with things a bit more. The next episode is definitely poised to do that since Tama has been hearing voices and the other girls were so very close to all meeting up. Next week I shouldn’t be almost falling asleep when I watch for this collab so I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts then too.

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Ayano:  Finally! This episode had me the most hyped thus far. Probably because we know shit is about to go down at the halfway mark! It is all coming together my friends. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. I still think it’s pretty crazy that if you were once an LRIG you can fight with your current LRIG…but the concept is super intriguing. Like…it kinda makes me want to be a Selector just so I can battle with my partner…but then I think about losing my memories and I’m like NOPE! I’m good.

Yuzuki and Hitoe are still keeping Ruuko in the dark and it’s kind of making me frustrated. I know they are just trying to protect her but she’s gonna find out sooner or later. Just as Jon stated the group should be coming together to form a solid foundation in order to beat this game but they are beating around the bush. Come on ladies! I know you are smarter than this! Hana knows what’s up with these games. Each one is becoming more and more dangerous and the weight of each individual is becoming a tough pill to swallow. I feel like something major is going to come into play next episode. I think Tama is hearing Mayu’s voice once again. She keeps calling out to Tama for some unknown reason. I think Mayu feeds off of Tama’s lust for battle and she is trying to draw her back into the realm of WIXOSS.

Hana also made a very valid point to Suzuko this episode pertaining to Chi-chan’s memories. If Suzuko does win back Chi-chan’s memories will she be able to accept those memories after so many terrible things have happened? Will she be able to carry that burden for the rest of her life? I don’t know if I would want my memories back after so much pain, hurt, and sadness already occured. Sometimes it’s just better to forget.

Chi-chan also becomes a Selector once more! I totally knew that was going to happen. Akira tries to force a battle with Chi-chan but can’t since she doesn’t have an LRIG. So you REALLY can’t battle without an LRIG. Huh…very very interesting. Of course everyone gets all frazzled and they start searching around for Chi-chan because they don’t want her to battle. Yuzuki battles Layla in order to get Midori-chan back for Hitoe and the battle doesn’t last long enough for my taste! COME ON! Give me more battle scenes please. Yuzuki loses and she becomes imprisoned in Layla’s key card. ANOTHER DEVELOPMENT in the way of WIXOSS. You have to have some conflict or else this season would be like last season. I’m REALLY liking the direction this season is going!

And at the end Chi-chan runs into Carnival. Carnival is trying to bait Chi-chan into battling with her but at this point Kiyoi and Dona (the LRIG in Shohei’s body) find Chi-chan before anything can happen. Dona doesn’t want Chi-chan to battle Carnival after seeing everyone suffer from before. Dona is called back to the white room of windows and there a voice says, “Tell us your wish.” She wishes to save Chi-chan in Shohei’s place. Dona pops up in Kiyoi’s key card and the battle between Carnival and Kiyoi begins! But the episode ends and we have to wait until next week XD Cliffhanger-kun was in full effect this week! BOOOO. I hate having to wait….I guess I’ll just have to keep coming back until it ends. Loved, loved, loved this episode! I was so giddy at the end. I think we are finally getting somewhere guys. Let’s hope next week’s episode doesn’t disappoint!

As you can see, there is a lot going on in this series and each episode has been delivering (even if I wasn’t as hot on this episode, but I’m chalking that partially up to my lack of sleep :p before watching). Be sure to check out both Ayano’s site and Leth’s. I’ll also link their Twitter accounts down below too! Join us once again next week as we discuss what is (probably? MAL doesn’t have an episode count yet) the midpoint of the series.

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