My 4 Year Journey with Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I Was Skeptical

It used to be when you first became an anime fan that there was an almost unspoken list of anime everyone was silently expected to check out. You’d see shows like Code GeassCowboy Bebop, Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood appear on almost everyone’s list. As time when on, this list has changed, and for many even, doesn’t even really exist anymore. Some shows have survived the test of time and are regarded as “must-see” classics, while other titles have found themselves wasting away to obscurity. Hunter x Hunter is a show that has debatably hit this titan status as you’ll see it recommended countless times to both new and veteran fans alike. Today we are going to discuss my four year journey with the 148 episode series, and what a journey it was. Continue reading “My 4 Year Journey with Hunter x Hunter (2011)”

Anime ABC’s W is for Witch Hunter Robin

Perfectly Capturing a Bygone Era

While Witch Hunter Robin never appeared in the North American programming block, Toonami, it’s a show that perfectly captures the revival of the block in 2012. Having aired shows like Cowboy BebopGhost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, and others it feels like this would have been right at home. A slow burn show that attempts to provoke your thoughts while delivering moments of explosive action. Yet in spite of this, I can see why Witch Hunter Robin never quite reached these same heights. Continue reading “Anime ABC’s W is for Witch Hunter Robin”

The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10 – My Favorite “Fighter” Anime

Already a Third of the Way Through?!?

30-day-anime-challengeI can’t believe that this post is already a third of the way through the 30 day challenge. Time sure goes by quickly with these daily posts. Any way, here’s a quick reminder of the posting schedule so you can see what’s been done and what’s yet to come still. For today I’m supposed to talk about “my favorite fighter anime” which I interpret as anything with a TOURNAMENT ARC (™) or something similar. This was a tough one so let’s see what I ultimately decided on. Continue reading “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 10 – My Favorite “Fighter” Anime”