English Eerie Campfire Tales – Event Announcement!

Gather ‘Round the Fire…

It’s time to start October off right! Welcome everyone to the announcement of the English Eerie Campfire Tales event. Through the month of October I’ll be hosting an event where you’ll have a chance to submit a spooky story that will be read in my Discord for our Halloween get-together on October 30th. Let’s dive right in to how all of this is going to work.

What You Need to Do

Everyone who wants to participate is tasked with writing a short story using either version of the role-playing game, English Eerie. Don’t worry, the game itself is designed for doing this and it’s a very simple process that may be done over several smaller sessions or in one larger session that takes a few hours. Here’s all the info you need on the game:

  • English Eerie (free version) – This version of the game is everything you need. It’s technically pay what you want, but you may enter zero for the amount and get it for free. This ensures everyone is able to participate in the event. You’ll find 5 scenarios to pick from and are welcome to use any of them for the base of your story. Additionally, if you decide to get the second edition of the game, you may use these scenarios still. Download the game here.
  • English Eerie (Second Edition) – If you think this game sounds really awesome, the second edition of the game has 10 scenarios and supports play with more people. It’s very similar to the free version with just a few updates on how things are played. By no means do you need this version as their is a cost of just under $8 for this. I have each version and find both to be solid products, they have my recommendation. You can download this version here.

You have from now until October 29th, 11:59 PM PST to write and submit your story. This doesn’t have to be your first play of the game either, so feel free to take your time with this. Then on October 30th, 7 PM PST a dramatic reading of all submissions will be held in my Discord. You may choose to read your story during this event or I’ll read it for you, that way there’s no pressure. Of course, when you submit your story you may always opt out of having it read aloud.

How to Submit

To submit your story you may do one of three things:

  1. Join my Discord and submit a link to your story in the #submissions tab
  2. Tweet your submission using the hashtag #EnglishEerie and tagging me (@JS_Reviews)
  3. If for some reason you don’t have access to either of these two platforms, you may always email me at jonspencerreviews@gmail.com

Your submission should only be the story but I would like for you to include what scenario was used along with a title. Optionally, you may include an additional second version where you explain the decisions you made based on the game’s mechanics but it is not required. I find that interesting and I’m sure others will as well, but again, it’s completely optional.

Jon Spencer Reviews Discord & Server Events! – Introducing our Composition Competition

I’m Excited!

As you probably already know, I’ve started a lot of fun community initiatives and events over the years and I’m proud to say we have ANOTHER! Not only that, but I’m also wanting to tell you about my Discord which already has tons of great discussion and fans in it right now. So how do these two tings link together? Let’s dive right in and find out!

Discord Info

First let me tell you about the Discord so you know what we do there and how this relates to our latest community event. The space is fairly relaxed with a heavy emphasis on supporting each other and hanging out. We have lots of discussions nearly every day on a variety of topics, so there’s something for everyone there. Each week we have hangouts, which include D&D, weekly Anime Music Quiz, and more!

If this sounds like a place you want to belong to, then I’d be very happy to have you. There aren’t a lot of rules, so don’t make me add any more and we won’t have a problem. Get help with your project, find collab partners, discuss, and have fun! You can find my Discord by clicking the banner below.

Discord Promo

Sever-wide Events

Now the exciting part! We get to talk about the server events which have just launched on the Discord. Every so often we will be hosting various cooperative and competitive events that are open to all Discord members on the server. Here’s a fast overview:

While we’ve always had little server events from Anime Music Quiz to D&D, and Friday hangouts, I recognize that not everyone is always able to participate in these events. For awhile now I’ve thought it’d be fun to run various server-wide events that last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. That’s where this section of the server comes in!

Q: So what kind of things will we be doing?

A: We will be doing various activities, some competitive and some cooperative. Think something like a “jam” project or OWLS, but for the server folks here. The goal is to learn and sharpen skills while having fun doing it. Current ideas for activities include writing exercises, art challenges, and more!

Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone! I’ll also be promoting this on Twitter, and I’d ask you do the same. Don’t feel like you need to join every event, but if you do…

Q: What do I get for participating?

A: While I would like to offer more things long-term, right now participating in events will net you a custom title in the server. This will denote you as a more active member and describe what event you participated in. Winners of events will also receive unique titles for the bragging rights. If you want to help provide prizes or something to make this more interesting let me know and we can work that out.

What are we doing this time?

This time we’ll be doing a music composition competition, but before you decide this is too hard for you hear me out. Not only is this software free and easy to use, there’s a $20 prize on the line to boot! Here’s some more information about the software we are using, Bosca Ceoil.

See how easy it is? There’s a little more to the contest, all to help you get started, but not much else. Here’s what you need to know:

There are only 5 things you need to do to enter the contest:

  1. Join my Discord by clicking any of the links or images above or right here.
  2. Download the free software, do the tutorial, and play around with it before even looking at the competition file. You can find the software:
    1. Here on itch.io
    2. From the creator’s site here
  3. When you feel comfortable with the software, download the competition file on my Discord under “event information” and get to work! Be sure to read the rules and follow all instructions, there aren’t many but the few that I have are very important.
  4. Create your song and share your progress with those in the Discord. Even though this is a contest, we are helping each other out and providing feedback along the way. So don’t be shy, and as the contest states, you can have a partner for this one so it might be an easy way to find somebody to work with!
  5. Finally, when you are done, submit your final song and wait for results! As you do, give feedback on the work everyone else is doing and help out with questions. It’s really that simple!

I hope you’ll be joining us for events like this one, and many more to come. Thanks for giving this a read and I’ll see you on the Discord!