15 Anime that Obliterate the 3 Episode Rule

I Pulled in a Favor

Lately I’ve been pretty busy so I asked my buddy K at the Movies if I could borrow his intern for today’s article. This is what they came up with, and I think you’ll have plenty to talk about after giving this one a read. Here are 15 anime that prove the 3 episode rule isn’t one fans should always follow. Continue reading “15 Anime that Obliterate the 3 Episode Rule”

Cannon Busters – It Was a Show

Waste of Time, Wouldn’t Recommend

Netflix is back with another anime that I decided to give a try. This one was featured in their “documentary”, Enter the Anime, so I was already a bit weary coming into it. Cannon Busters is actually an adaptation of an American work that people have been waiting to see more of since it first began its run as a comic in 2014. A pilot for the anime would first be Kickstarted in the same year, and later released in 2016. That brings us to today, where the project finally got a proper adaptation in 2019. The only thing is, was this even worthwhile? Continue reading “Cannon Busters – It Was a Show”

The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22 – Another Weird Question

My Favorite Armor, Weapon, or Equipment in Anime

30-day-anime-challengeAs per the norm, here’s the schedule. These weird questions always give me the most trouble. I mean, who sits and actively thinks about this stuff on the regular? I’m sure way more than I think but I certainly do not. For me, this question makes me immediately think of sentient things which could overlap with some of the other questions. Ug, I’m just over thinking it! Ok, eenie, meenie, miney, that one. Continue reading “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22 – Another Weird Question”

The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 15 – My Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summon in Anime

It’d Help if I Were a Bigger Magical Girl Fan

30-day-anime-challengeStill! I will do my best with this entry. Before that though, here’s a quick look at the posting schedule for these challenge posts. Today is the half-way point and I am faced yet again with another difficult entry because I don’t watch a ton of shows that have these in them. So what did I settle on in the end? Read on to find out! Continue reading “The 30 Day Anime Challenge Day 15 – My Favorite Animal Sidekick, Pet or Summon in Anime”

My Top 10 Western Animation Shows

This Top 10 is part of The  ❄️ 12 Days of Christmas ❄️

Hello all! It’s Dana again, coming at ya with my first official article!

Now, I love anime as much as the next nerd (affection intended), but with more high quality shows being produced for western audiences all the time I think we should take some time to show some appreciation. During this Christmas season, I’d like to look back at all the shows that have given me so much joy over the years, whether they be recent or from my childhood. I don’t claim to have seen all there is to see of course, and there are definitely some hidden (or not so hidden) gems that I’ll have overlooked. But these are the series that I most enjoyed watching and that still hold up now in some cases. These are very much my opinions only and I reserve the right to use the argument “because it’s fun/awesome/”I was feeling it” as a reason for any of my placements. Continue reading “My Top 10 Western Animation Shows”