Angels of Death – Mini Review Part 2 of 2 (Episodes 13-16)

Wasted Time

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Welcome to part 2 of the Angels of Death review. If you missed part 1, you can read that here. Last time I stated I would be finishing this one mostly as a formality, but I always hope that my expectations can be exceeded. Was that the case with the final four episodes of Angels of Death? Kind of. You see, these episodes were generally better but the ending left a definite sour taste in my mouth.

What exactly it was that made three of the four episodes better is kind of hard to pin down. They didn’t really do all that much different, yet somehow they were more fun to watch. This might have to do with tighter pacing as things reach the end game, or perhaps how the characters interact, but regardless, there is something here that Angels of Death was sorely lacking previously.

Still, they weren’t the best episodes. These improvements were noticeable but nothing near enough to provide a boost to my opinion of the show as a whole. Even if it did, the final episode was really bad. Let’s talk about that.

Image result for angels of death episode 16The finale of Angels of Death is a lot of silent, sweeping shots. After finally escaping, Rachel and Zach make it to, what appears to be, the streets of modern day London. Zach is promptly arrested and Rachel is taken to a mental facility. The few bits of dialog are Rachel’s Dr. saying totally random stuff about Rachel (that is wrong) while being interviewed by a character, who they bothered to animate having a moving mouth, that never speaks because he isn’t Japanese.

That part really irked me. They didn’t even try to dub it with bad English. Heck, even if he just spoke Japanese, that would have been fine. The Dr. does so just fine. It is weird and nonsensical since they animated the guy clearly talking. Instead, you just get awkward silence and subtitles.

In the end Rachel learns that Zach is to be put to death for his crimes but then he shows up last-minute to whisk Rachel away and fulfill his promise. After the long credits, which were a nice touch just for the fact that everybody is seemingly accredited across all 16 episodes, a bonus scene lingers on the now empty room where Rachel was, with Zach’s knife that he gave to her on the floor with some blood.

You might think that Rachel killed herself based on that, which would be an ok enough end, but game players have confirmed that everything was very literal with the ending. Just do yourself a favor, don’t bother with Angels of Death. It just isn’t worth it for a few alright moments at best.

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I do plan to check the game out, as I recently acquired it during Steam’s Halloween sale, since the game is supposed to be a lot better. Hopefully that is true and when I finish that up you will definitely be seeing a review of that on here. If you would like to check the game out, click the image below. I’m trying a new thing out where certain key images link to places like the MAL page or other useful sites.

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What are your thoughts on Angels of Death? Did you find this to be pretty bad like me, or did you actually enjoy this quite a bit? Plan to check out the game? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to support me and my content please hit the button below as I’d greatly appreciate it. As always, thank you for reading and have yourself a wonderful day!

What I’m Watching – Fall 2018 Anime

Heya Folks!

So today was supposed to be the next Anime ABC’s entry for Psycho-Pass but I really wasn’t feeling up to writing the rest of it. Don’t worry though, it is coming and I think you will like the direction I took things. I just want to take my time on it and not rush completion for the sake of an arbitrary release date. Additionally, I have a nifty surprise for the next round so look forward to that. You didn’t come here to hear about that though! No, you want to know what anime I’ll be watching this season and hear my quick thoughts on each as well. Continue reading “What I’m Watching – Fall 2018 Anime”

Angels of Death – Mini Review Part 1 of 2 (Episodes 1-12)

Is She an Angle or is She a Witch?

Image result for angels of death animeThis review is a bit of a more unusual one since I’m having to split it into parts. Episodes 1-12 of Angels of Death finished airing for the Summer 2018 season but it still has four more episodes to go starting early October. These first twelve episodes are largely setup for whatever the final four episodes have in-store for us.

The premise of this one is that a young girl, Rachel Gardner wakes up in a strange building. There she is attacked and analyzed by various, “residents” of this bizarre structure. After her first encounters with a Dr. Danny and scythe wielding serial killer, Zach, Rachel longs for nothing more than death. She teams up with Zach in order to escape and have him make her wish come true.

Each string of episodes has the gang exploring a new floor and dealing with a new person. Zach yells and hits stuff and Rachel uses her brain to solve problems. Rachel begs to be killed and Zach tells her to smile. Rinse and repeat.

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Angels of Death is an adaptation of a video game of the same name. I haven’t played it but it has good reviews and people really seem to like the story. This had me pretty excited for the anime. With a solid first episode, the show really declined in quality for some time following that. It wasn’t until Zach was given some depth, and eventually Rachel required to be the sole person in the spotlight, that the show really managed to do anything interesting.

With J.C. Staff at the helm for this one I can say that there are some really great moments visually but things are bogged down quite a bit by trying too hard to emulate the game experience. There are a lot of dry and dreary moments of not a lot going on. The world even has video game mechanics in it that just feel out of place. For a lot of people this is going to be a deal breaker.

I wouldn’t say this show is bad but I wouldn’t say it is good either. It is competent at the best of times and mediocre at the worst. In this slower season though, it made for a decent watch to slot between things I was more excited about.

Perhaps the most standout moments of the show came in the form of the Zach’s backstory and witch trail . Zach really needed fleshing out and given more of a role beyond yelling, being stupid, and hitting stuff. It actually made him a sympathetic character. The witch trail was far more interesting as it looked into Rachel’s character and presented some of the more dynamic moments in Angels of Death (both visually and between its characters).

One other aspect of the show that I particularly enjoy is the ED and the presentation of what the next episode will be. Generally the music is pretty standard, with an alright OP that rises just above that, but it isn’t particularly good. As for the title card and other such fare, it is really standard. The eyecatch looks good but it isn’t impact. Something about the ending works really well and is kind of something you just have to take my word on or experience for yourself since explaining it with text is kind of impossible.


As it stands, these twelve episodes weren’t fantastic and I’m largely going to be finishing the series just for the sake of completing it rather than for finding it compelling. The final episode gives you a, “revelation” in presenting something that shouldn’t be one for the audience and because of that I’m not really sure what the show can really do. The story seems like it only has one straightforward way it can go but maybe I’ll be wrong on that. We’ll explore that in part 2 though.

What did you think of Angels of Death? Was this one you stuck with or did you decide to duck out early? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to support me and my work here please hit the button below. As always, thanks for reading and hope to see you back here at Jon Spencer Reviews again soon!