Anime ABC’s – The Results (A)

And The Winner Is….

It’s a tie! Anohana and Angle Beats! managed to each receive 14 votes. In cases of a tie like this I’ll just pick one. So the tie-breaker vote goes to Anohana. I’ve seen this one but would really like to give it a rewatch before reviewing it. Give me a week or two to watch and another week or so to write the review. Below you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of the votes. Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – The Results (A)”

Anime ABC’s – Announcement & Voting

Hello Everybody!

I’m very excited to be trying out something new. Every few weeks I’d like to do what I’m calling “Anime ABC’s” where you, yes YOU, get to vote on an anime that I’ll review in full, here on the site. We’ll be cycling through the alphabet so each time we’ll get something completely different. This time we’ll be focusing on anime that start with the letter “A” for either the English or Japanese title.

uncle-sam-i-want-you-to-voteHere’s where you come in. I need you to vote by clicking HERE on what anime I should review. I’ve made a list of every anime that starts with “A” that I’ve seen or own already. However, you can add your own suggestion. Be sure to read the instructions in the survey though so your vote counts. Voting begins TODAY and ends MONDAY (9/12/16). Anybody can vote and you can vote only once per device.

After voting has closed I’ll announce the results. From there I’ll either watch the show (if I haven’t already) or get stated on the review. If this goes well, we’ll do this every few weeks or so. What are you waiting for? VOTE!