The Sexy Brutale – Not What it Sounds Like

A Truly Unique Experience

I know for video games this is a statement you hear far too often, but in the case of The Sexy Brutale this is 100% true. Thrown head-first into an intriguing mystery that takes place in a mansion that has been converted into a casino for a party. Not just any party, the party. Normally things go off with out a hitch, but this year the staff has murderous intent. You’ll have to save the guests by manipulating time in order to solve the mystery behind these murders, and it isn’t what you may be expecting. Continue reading “The Sexy Brutale – Not What it Sounds Like”


Paranorman – Norman isn’t Normal but That’s OK

What Would You do if You Could See Ghosts?

Paranorman is the second film to come out of Liaka Studios. Unlike their first film, Coraline , this film is an original story. Originally premiering in 2012, how does Paranorman hold up today and is it a worthwhile watch? Spoiler; the answer is yes. Continue reading “Paranorman – Norman isn’t Normal but That’s OK”

Anime ABC’s – I is for I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

Simple & Short

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying, or Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakarani Ken as it’s known in Japanese, is a short anime that spans across two thirteen episode seasons. Each episode is about three minutes long so you can easily blow through this show in one or two sittings. They say good things come in small packages, so the same must apply to short-form anime… right? Continue reading “Anime ABC’s – I is for I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying”

‘Gerald’s Game’ Film Review

Grade: B-

I cannot guarantee that Netflix’s newest movie, ‘Gerald’s Game’ – based on Stephen King’s 1992 novel of the same name (and the third adaptation this year after ‘The Dark Tower’ and ‘It’) – is an easy watch; (as with most captivity thrillers) but if one were to get through a hodgepodge of ghostly visions, insanity, and a climax that I could describe as disturbingly and grotesquely unnerving for a film of its caliber, as I did, he or she will feel the epiphany of its themes in a way no horror movie has tried. Writer/Director Mike Flanagan (‘Oculus’, ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’) makes ‘Gerald’s Game’ play out like a Bob Ross painting; it may not seem like much in the beginning, but once near completion, the picture is clear, and the beauty can be fully realized. It is amazing how something so simple can make you see things differently when all is said and done.

Continue reading “‘Gerald’s Game’ Film Review”

Coraline – Say Hello to Your Other Mother

Pretty Freaky for a Children’s Film

After noticing Jacob had reviewed Laika Studios’ most recent film, Kubo and the Two Strings, I decided it was high time we got around to reviewing Laika’s older films. What better time than during the October Review Fest? Today I’m looking at Coraline, a film that is pretty creepy and based on the Neil Gaiman book of the same title. It’s a great film for the time of year, but an excellent watch regardless. Continue reading “Coraline – Say Hello to Your Other Mother”

Music Review: Witchgrinder – Haunted (2015) (Random Music review)

The time that too many cooks made the dish better

a2078379994_10Today take a look at an album that is slightly obscure but amazingly good. A small band from Melbourne, Victoria in Australia, they are extremely underated so lets shed some light on Witchgrinder’s second album; Haunted Continue reading “Music Review: Witchgrinder – Haunted (2015) (Random Music review)”

October Review Fest

It’s Back!

Only this time instead of just one week of Halloween posts, you are going to get a whole month! Each of the MWF posts for the entire month of October will be Halloween themed. Not only that, but each week will have it’s own theme as well! Here’s how it’s going to work.

The rules for this are as follows:

  • Anything covered must be spooky or related to Halloween in some way.
  • If monsters/ghosts are an integral part of something, it counts.
  • Gore stuff counts too just so I don’t limit myself too much.

That’s all there is for rules so let’s look at the lineup:

  • Week One:  Laika week – Looking at two stop-motion films from Laika Studios.
  • Week Two:  Fun & Games – A look at board & video games perfect for Halloween.
  • Week Three:  Higurashi Week – A review of seasons 1-3 of Higurashi.
  • Week Four:  Obscure Week – A look at three lesser known anime titles.
  • Week Five:  Wrap up post, not much here because October ends on a Tuesday.

I hope you all look forward to the event! I may produce some bonus content as well so keep your eyes peeled. Jacob and Frank will have posts during the month too but what they have planned is a surprise, even to me!

Want to check out the Halloween week posts I did way back in 2015? This’ll give you an example of the kind of stuff I’ll be looking at if the above isn’t hint enough. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Anime ABC’s I Results

Guys, Another Tie?

I think we need to have an intervention. We had a great number of votes, just shy of the all-time record of 27 unique votes at 22 votes, but still we ended up with a tie. I’m going to have to come in again and arbitrarily decide what show is the winner. I would just use gladiatorial combat like last time but my lawyers have since advised against that after all the medical expenses I had to foot (not to mention the restraining order).

The two anime that managed to get the most votes, 9 in total each, were I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying/Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken and Irresponsible Captain Tylor, The. So which show will win? First let me set the mood correctly with this video:

I’m kidding of course, finding out the answer is always really exciting. You would understand why this was anti-climatic if you knew my dirty secret. I actually messed up when I created this voting round. I know what you all are thinking, “Impossible! You would NEVER do that. Simply unthinkable!” and to that I would agree 100%. However, this one time I did manage to screw up a bit.

Normally, when I set this up I pick all the shows that I have on my watch list, own, or think would be interesting to review here. Obviously, I can’t always include every title (because that is just too many options) sometimes a show is out of print or is so obscure literally nobody would care about it. It’s strictly for practical reasons and a bit of the behind-the-scenes magic. However, this time I included Irresponsible Captain Tylor, The which is a show I absolutely want to watch. What I didn’t realize, is that I can’t stream the show like I thought I could.

There is, what seems to be, a spin-off series on Crunchyroll but that’s it. I really should have checked to be sure. Still, this wouldn’t even be an issue since I could purchase the series from Rightstuf. Here’s the rub though, I don’t have a job and I make basically no money. So from the start, I was going to have to disqualify this show if it ended up winning.

Fortunately, there really wasn’t a negative consequence this time but I do want to issue a formal apology about that because this is a community event. Without you having taken the time to vote, this series would not exist. Your opinion matters to me and I really do want to go with the option that most people voted for. I will do my best to ensure that this does not ever happen again in a future round.

That’s why the winner is I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying/Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken. Since this is pretty short I should be able to watch and review this pretty quickly so expect to see the review hit sooner rather than later. I’ve got a little something special planned for October so this will NOT release on a MWF, but instead on a Thursday at the usual time.

Ok, real talk for a minute. You remember when I talked about my basically no money? Yeah, me neither because honestly who read all that garbage any way, I mean you just want to know who won right? Well if you were a weirdo who did bother reading this whole thing please consider supporting me on Patreon. Every dollar helps a lot and it does add up. I’ve noticed people looking, but not many people are willing to take the dive. Not only do you get to feel good for helping, but there are some benefits that you get too.

I’ll be releasing a special Patron only post on 10/7/17 at the usual time that will never be made publicly available to non-patrons. It’s an article series that explores my unfinished drafts. It’s a lot more interesting than you might think since I talk about why I started writing each piece, the reason I stopped, and you get to read the whole draft out unedited. The first one is about Black Mirror and was a post that, at one point, was over 10,000 words. I ended up cutting it down before scrapping it but the point is that these aren’t just some lazy posts.

Additionally, each reward tier offers its own little bonus. If you’d like to help me out or just get more information in general please click the button below. Seriously, I really appreciate it and hopefully you took the time to read this and check it out despite my silly jabs earlier.


As always, here are the results in full detail for your viewing pleasure:


Other votes:  Ikoku Meiro no Croisée, Invader! Squid Girl, Isshūkan Friends, Isekai Shokudō, Infinite Stratos, One Week Friends/Isshuukan Friends, & Itazura na Kiss/Naughty Kiss

Neo Yokio Review – It DOES Deserve the Big Toblerone

When I First Heard About Neo Yokio, I Thought it Would be BAD!

Then, on the day it came out I saw the glorious “Big Toblerone” memes and knew I was in for a real treat. I decided then and there that I needed to watch Neo Yokio because at the very least, it would be something enjoyable to make fun of. However, I was pleasantly surprised when this anime (and yes it is anime) actually turned out to be pretty good. It helped that it was absurdly funny too. Continue reading “Neo Yokio Review – It DOES Deserve the Big Toblerone”

‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Film Review

Grade: C+

Just because ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ looks like a legit ‘LEGO’ movie, does not mean it is spotless. (Or without its buffs and scratches.) While the style is an improvement over this year’s ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ (which felt more of an animated spoof than an actual movie in the ‘LEGO’ franchise.) to the point where it is equal to ‘The LEGO Movie’ itself, its humor and story line are a result of trying too hard to stand alone as an action comedy for family audiences. You could say that the ‘LEGO’ train has run out of steam and should stop there, (It could go until ‘LEGO Star Wars’, or ‘LEGO Indiana Jones’.) while I believe ‘Ninjago’ suffers from a disease I call “Same Year Syndrome”; this happens when two movies from the same animation studio get released the same year, only months apart, and only results when one or more films end up not living up to their potential. Pixar started suffering with the 2015 release of ‘The Good Dinosaur’, months after ‘Inside Out’, and may continue this year with ‘Coco’ (If it is not good); Last year, Illumination Studios released both ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ and ‘Sing!’, now ‘LEGO’ may be suffering the same fate. It is a shame, because I expected ‘Ninjago’ to be as funny as it was marketed to be.

Continue reading “‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie’ Film Review”