Saint Maker – About 6 Hours too Long…

I Really Wished I Liked This

Before diving into the review, I want to be upfront and say that the publisher sent me a review copy of their game, Saint Maker, so I didn’t pay for this one. You’ll also see that this had no bearing on the actual outcome of the review because I… well, I don’t recommend it sadly. If for some reason you do want to get the game, you can do so over on Steam for $13.99 USD. With that said, let’s jump right into our look at Saint Maker, a horror visual novel by Yangyang mobile. Continue reading “Saint Maker – About 6 Hours too Long…”

A Look Back at ‘StarFox 64’ – The Most Quotable (and Memeable) Game in Existence

A long time ago in a galaxy far away, there existed a game which would shape my childhood for the rest of my life. That game was StarFox 64. As simple as it was, it came with its share of challenges that would ensure its playability for years to come. Nearly 25 years later, I still find myself reliving its moments of shooting enemy ships and getting feedback from my teammates in so many different interactions. The most important thing about StarFox 64 is how fun it is, even after all this time! For those who do not know (and why wouldn’t you), StarFox 64 is kind of a follow-up to the original StarFox that was on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), but that’s as simple as that gets. The plot, however, is that of an evil scientist named Andross who lays waste to the planet of Corneria, only to be exiled by General Pepper to the barren desert planet of Venom. Years later, the team known as Starfox, which involves James McCloud, Pigma Dengar, and Peppy Hare, are sent to investigate the goings-on in Venom. Upon arriving, Pigma betrays the team, and Andross captures James and Peppy, though Peppy is the only one who makes it out alive, as he goes home to tell James’ son, Fox about his father. Years pass, and Andross is trying to take over the Lylat System. General Pepper thus hires a new StarFox team with Fox taking over as leader, accompanied by Peppy, along with Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad to foil Andross’ plans and save the Lylat System. In case the names don’t spell it out for you, they also happen to be animals.

Judging by the synopsis, it is clear that I know this game left and right, front to back, as a lot of what I just explained is part of the opening narration, which could make for a great opener for a film adaptation, if one ever gets made. The whole of the game is basically you, as Fox, flying through different planets and shooting enemy ships while your teammates constantly interact with you. Though the way you explore through different planets depends on the choices that get made, whether it be a teammate’s ship needing repaired after being hit one too many times, or you find a different path, or maybe the offset chance that you mess up an objective. After many playthroughs, you start to get used to a certain path, which can be repetitive. Yet, on some planets, you are given a choice on whether you want to change course, or retry the same planet. The only takeaway is that, if you are a first time player, some plot elements don’t make sense when you get through certain planets. But you can always try for medals by shooting up the highest total amount of ships, if you can, which unlocks bonuses for later play.

Now that I got through the gist of the game, I want to talk about why StarFox 64 was a huge part of my childhood, and why I still enjoy playing it to this day. I have already talked about the fun of the gameplay and the interactions that stay with you. But there is something about the controls that make the flying of the Arwing smooth and the constant shooting fluid to the touch, compared to video games that feel stiff with their controls. Of course, you could say the same thing about any game on the Nintendo 64 (N64). What keeps me coming back for more is the dialogue, which I like to breathe in every time I play. The constant chatter from the teammates is entertaining, to say the least. I can quote this game off the top of my head, added to the voice acting; the wise words and advice from Peppy (“Do a barrel roll”), the snarkiness of Falco (“I guess you’re good for something”), and yes, even the whininess of Slippy (“Fox! Get this guy off me!”). Pure enjoyability! It’s no surprise that this game is the subject of memes!

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World Flipper – I’m Reviewing a Mobile Game?!?

A Rare Occasion Indeed

I have a rule about not downloading or playing any mobile games. One of the biggest reasons is I don’t need to be “plugged in” to something 24/7, and another being that when I get into something, I really get into it. However, a buddy of mine told me about a free to play RPG that fuses several things I enjoy. You’ve got a real-time RPG that uses pinball as its battle system, couple that with the waifu gacha, and personally, that’s a recipe for success. World Flipper just enjoyed their global release after being an exclusive in Japan since 2019, so for the sake of review I bit the bullet, dove in (rather hard actually), and am ready to review the game to the best of my ability. Continue reading “World Flipper – I’m Reviewing a Mobile Game?!?”

Mini Motorways – Creating Spaghetti City

A Great Sequel!

There’s this great little real time puzzler game called Mini Metro that you may have heard of before. Well, a few years later and a sequel was produced. This time, instead of managing metro lines, you are tasked with creating intricate (read spaghetti) roadways as cars try to reach their destinations as efficiently as possible. It may sound simple, but it’s one challenging game! As a sequel, it takes the gameplay loop I already loved from Metro and makes it even more compelling, but there are some things that could still be better. Continue reading “Mini Motorways – Creating Spaghetti City”

Disco Elysium – I am a Reviewer?

Recently I Finished Disco Elysium

Ever since its release mid-October 2019, I’ve had a keen interest in playing Disco Elysium, a cop-drama, RPG with a focus on philosophical and political quandaries. Recently, however, it got a big (FREE) update and the timing finally felt right; so I played it! You play a man with amnesia, he can’t even remember he’s a cop! And yet, you are tasked with solving an increasingly perplexing case in a town with a rich history and many secrets of its own. You are free to mold yourself how you will, approach every situation however you’d like, and hopefully, solve the mysteries the game has to offer with as few casualties as possible. So here I am, a reviewer of sorts, to tell you just what I think of Disco Elysium. Continue reading “Disco Elysium – I am a Reviewer?”

Eternal Return: Black Survival – Battle Royale MOBA Combo?

A Diamond in the Very Rough

I’m really not sure what possessed me to try out the recently released Eternal Return:  Black Survival, a free to play battle royale MOBA hybrid. I’m not a huge fan of either types of games save for a select few titles in each respective genre. However, I gave it a go on a whim and have now invested about 10 hours into the game itself. The experience is one that is simultaneously frustrating, but keeps me coming back for more. Let’s dive right into why I think Eternal Return is worth your time. Continue reading “Eternal Return: Black Survival – Battle Royale MOBA Combo?”

The Song of Saya – A Continued Look at Gen Urobuchi’s Earlier Work

A Disgustingly Beautiful Visual Novel

In the world of anime Gen Urobuchi is someone who needs no introduction. You might recognize him for such titles as Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass, but his career actually goes a lot deeper than this. Last year I spent a ton of time researching and familiarizing myself with his creations for a review of Phantom: Requiem for a Phantom (which I recommend you give a look as I don’t want to retread that same information here), upon doing so, I was reminded of today’s focal point:  The Song of Saya. Continue reading “The Song of Saya – A Continued Look at Gen Urobuchi’s Earlier Work”

Remnant: From the Ashes – My Game of the Year

Darksouls with Guns?

It’s very rare for me to want to jump on a new game, especially at a $40 price point given my current level of income, but Gunfire Games convinced me with Remnant:  From the Ashes. What’s often hailed as “Darksouls, but with guns”, I was skeptical that I would enjoy this game given my relationship with both Darksouls and Bloodborne. They are frustrating games that I just don’t really enjoy that much, so what exactly makes Remnant click for me? Let’s dive in and find out why this is my game of the year. Continue reading “Remnant: From the Ashes – My Game of the Year”

Night of (the) Full Moon – A Free Alternative to Slay the Spire?

Surprisingly Good

I held off on doing my review of Night of Full Moon because I wanted to explore a good chunk of its content prior to review, but I’m finding that there is actually just too much content for me to justify holding this off any longer. As such, I’m here to let you know that if you like games such as Slay the Spirebut don’t have the budget, then this is an excellent free alternative! Continue reading “Night of (the) Full Moon – A Free Alternative to Slay the Spire?”

Dota Underlords (Open Beta) – Taking the Mod in the Right Direction

I’m Never Going Back…

That is to say, I’m never going back to the original Dota Auto Chess mod now that Valve has released their own standalone version of the game available on Steam, and mobile platforms for free. When I first heard word of this new entry in the “Auto Chess” genre, I thought it was a good move but just wasn’t sure if they’d be able to land it. After all, these are the folks who brought us Artifact, which was a total disaster despite its excellent gameplay. Having been enjoying the game in closed beta though, I can confidently say that this is a great game that is moving in the right direction. Continue reading “Dota Underlords (Open Beta) – Taking the Mod in the Right Direction”