Saying Goodbye to the Jon’s Creator Showcase

Thank You for 5 Great Years!

Today I am writing to both thank everyone who has ever participated in the Jon’s Creator Showcase as well as bring this era of my community content to a formal close. If you somehow haven’t heard about #TheJCS, you can read about it here. For those of you who have, I am sure this news is somewhat sad but know that in spite of my ending the program, it was well worth starting and something that everyone should be proud to have participated in. This program lasted longer than I ever expected it to, and by no means am I disappointed with it when all’s said and done.

Why is the Program Ending?

Before we dive into the celebration of what the program was I figured I should be upfront and tell you why the program is ending in the first place. There are a few reasons but the biggest is that it just lost momentum and I got tired of doing it. It might sound kind of shocking to hear me say I got tired of running my own program, especially when other people did a bulk of the work in the hosting, but it just isn’t that simple. Every year I worked to set schedules, sent reminders, and worked closely with every single host when I needed to (especially for first-timers). It was still a lot of work, and as time went on, I will admit that it wasn’t something I really looked forward to. This wasn’t immediate, but after a few years of micromanagement and regular content scheduling on top took its toll. Then this year proved to be the final nail in the proverbial coffin as the engagement with the program fell off a cliff.

With that said, for a long time it had a ton of momentum and constantly surprised me with how many records it kept breaking year after year. More and more people kept sharing their amazing content and people were discovering all sorts of new (at least to them) voices from various communities. That is super awesome! Even with the program ending here, there are still hundreds of pieces of content you can go back and look on right now.

Unfortunately, in the 2022 year we simply had very little hosting or interest in the program. It got to the point where I gave up on advertising it, and even some of the hosts that were scheduled to run in the later portions of the year simply forgot or didn’t want to anymore. I’ve had several folks reach out and ask me where it went, did it end? To those people who got a lot out of the program and were met with the early news, I sincerely apologize that a program you valued so much has to end without a ton of ceremony, but I hope you know that just because my program is ending, doesn’t mean we have to stop sharing the cool content we find from creators we care about. If you want the program’s memory to live on, that’s the best way to do it, share and talk about the cool stuff you find from other creators.

Looking Back on #TheJCS

I have to reiterate again that this program exceeded any and all expectations after all these years. For something with such a humble start, I can’t believe people worked so hard to keep the program going steady for so long. Again, thank you so much for that! As time went on I updated graphics, thought of more unique ways to get others involved, and we even saw hosts innovating with the content presentation along the way. While it mostly settled into a consistent groove over time, it was amazing to see all of the creativity that each host brought to the table alongside those who submitted content to be featured.

If you are wanting to look back on the Jon Creator Showcase, I’ve actually compiled all of the posts from the years that I could still find. You’ll note that the 2022 year is missing on this list, to which I must apologize to those who did host this year, somewhere along the way your posts were lost to me. If you did host this year, please leave a link to it in the comments and I’ll try and keep this updated as those come in. Seriously, I don’t want your hard work left out! In any case, here is a list of the content pages setup as links for you to click on:

I hope you take the time to go back through and check out each of the previous showcases. While I don’t have links for all the 2022 Showcases as mentioned (unfortunately), just going through the 2018-2021 Complete Collections is 48 Showcases worth of content to explore! I was joking earlier, you could spend quite some time diving into this content and I won’t be taking down those links as I want people to be able to enjoy this content whenever they want.

What’s Next?

When it comes to community events, it’s not like I never want to do them anymore. I still host my weekly AMQ games, have some Discord events, and a few other things here-and-there. For #TheJCS though, this is the final curtain. I don’t plan to revive or revamp the project at a later date. With that said, if YOU want to put together a showcase of your own or make something where you look back on the Showcase yourself please do! If you do so, make sure to let me know via my contact page using whatever method is easiest for you.

Communities change and shift, and the blogging community is no different. A lot of old faces have hung up their hats, some have moved on to better things, and of course, a few of us continue to make content here for you all to enjoy as well. I can’t promise that blogging is going to stay my priority, but the experiences from all these years (even before the showcase) has been quite meaningful. I hope you’ll stick with me as we dive into 2023 and beyond for whatever I decide to do next, either way I want you to be a part of it!


17 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to the Jon’s Creator Showcase

  1. I recently got into #THEJCS and I really enjoyed sharing my articles to everyone. It felt nice to be in an event like this. Sad to see it come to an end. I do appreciate being part of it.

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  2. That is a shame as this was a fun and worthy initiative in getting people together and sharing their work with others, but life has a funny way of interrupting these things. I may not have participated as often as others but it was always nice to be invited (and join in when I had something to share), so thank you for setting this up and giving bloggers a chance to interact with others, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. 🙂


  3. I think it’s a really noble that you were able to create and host the showcase as long as you did! Five years is amazing!! It’s a shame I never got my act together to join, but I always enjoyed checking out what other’s were posting and sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. Even if you never participated directly, hopefully you enjoyed engaging in and supporting the various creators who joined in across the years. I hope you’ll continue to keep searching for and sharing the stuff you find awesome, even without the showcase.

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  4. Sad to see this end, but understandable. Sometimes you gotta let go of some things in life if you want to move forward, something I can relate to if last year is anything to go by. Regardless, the memories this event brought me, even if I didn’t always participate in it, are ones that I’ll be sure to cherish forever. It was perhaps the most I ever got to interact with a wider blogging community, and I was introduced to quite a number of other bloggers and content creators through this that I’m happy to still follow. Best of luck to new horizons!

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  5. Life is fluid and continually changing for each and every one of us: even for me, a few things have happened in the past few weeks that is leading me to wonder if I’ll be able to maintain my blog, as well.

    This is how things go: we give up one thing and discover something entirely new and wonderful, too. Having said this, I will still do what I can to remain a part of this community, and here’s my hosting for August 2022, which I believe was the last #TheJCS.

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