#Anitwitwatches Season 19 – Sound of the Sky

Welcome to the Nineteenth #Anitwitwatches!

I’m about to start a new job and right alongside it we are going to start Season 19 of ATW with Sound of the Sky. This is a title I’ve looked at previously and quite liked so I’m hoping you will too. As a result of my new job though, this watch may function slightly differently than normal. It is possible that I may not be as active in leading the discussion so be sure to interact with other posters on Twitter if you join in, plus it is just a lot more fun if you do that anyway. If you missed us last time we watched Terror in Resonance. Just because one of our group watches has ended doesn’t mean you can’t go back and take the journey yourself!

What is #Anitwitwatches?

This is a weekly community event meant to bring folks together to revisit old favorites and discover new shows. It’s meant to be something you can get as involved in as you want, there is no pressure to participate every week or every watch, but we’d love to have you to share in the experience and discuss the shows we are watching all the same!

I was inspired to do this after seeing the “rewatches” that people do over at Reddit in the r/anime sub. Since I interact with a lot of you guys on Twitter, I thought it would be the perfect place to do something similar! That said, even if you do not have a Twitter you can still join in by posting any content via WordPress, YouTube, or whatever suits your fancy. If you do, be sure to send me an email at jonspencerreviews@gmail.com so I can share your wonderful creations!

For everyone else, simply watch the episodes for the week based on the schedule below. Make sure to use the hashtag, #anitwitwatches when you do, and that’s it! Discuss with the other folks participating, create content, and generally just have a fun time!

This next show was chosen based on YOUR votes, so let’s get to the watch schedule.

Sound of the Sky Schedule

As always, we have a short break before returning. The main reason for this is to give everybody a little time off between watches. I also start my job, as mentioned, so I need a week off to properly adjust before trying to juggle this and everything else. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you have not done so, you can see where you can watch Sound of the Sky for free, and legally, by using justwatch.com. Unfortunately, I cannot realistically check all regions but I aimed to make this as accessible as possible. That said, I won’t stop you from doing what you need to in order to participate. The more the merrier!

Here are the dates (all Mondays) and the episodes for each, please keep in mind that Monday’s are the main days for discussion but you basically have the whole week to watch (if you need to miss a week or whatever, that’s all good too). Please note that episode 7.5 is optional as is episode 13, we also have a break on the 4th of July as I know that I will personally be busy at that time. Be sure to save a copy of the schedule for your use:


A pretty straightforward watch this time around. That means this is an 8 week watch if you count the break. I hope you’re excited to watch this one and I look forward to all the excellent discussion!


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