‘Jackass Forever’ Film Review

A decade after their last theatrical outing, the guys of Jackass have returned to show the world that they still have it. In a world dealing with political turmoil and a never-ending pandemic, we need a movie like Jackass Forever to brighten our spirits with some good old schadenfreude. There is no guarantee that anyone will make it unscathed, yet the end result is a fun, if not sickening, time. For the past twenty years, Johnny Knoxville and his buddies have seen and done it all, from the wild and outrageous, to the gross and disgusting. But through it all, they know how to have a good time, even if that type of fun is dangerous.

The main question I had when I first heard about Jackass Forever is, how are these guys still alive after all the crazy sh*t they pulled? It seems that all the hits they took would have left them with some sort of irreparable damage to whatever body part got impacted the most. But we don’t watch a Jackass movie to analyze all the pain and torment these guys go through, we are here to laugh at that pain. It’s what the likes of Knoxville, Steve-O, Jeff Tremaine, and the rest of the Jackass gang would want just as they are laughing at all the stupid pranks their victimized friends go through. Though in the case of Jackass, with great laughter comes an even greater cringe.

I would say that the Jackass films peaked with 3D, which had the right amount of hilarity to balance the shock on display. Much like one of those shock viral videos that plagued the internet in the late 2000’s- early 2010s, I audibly reacted with such wince, yet through it all, I had a great time! Forever doesn’t quite reach that same level of shock that would have made me curl up in my chair and shout at the screen (though one scene involving an animal and a certain bodily fluid nearly made me gag). In fact, we have seen these stunts/gags before many times as long as these guys have been doing the show (and movies). Through all the nut-shots, nakedness, and excretion of flatulence, defecation, and urine, nothing is particularly new. Yet it is wise of Knoxville and company to wait at least a decade, so the jokes don’t feel stale. Keeping Forever fresh is the addition of new members, such as Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Zach Holmes, Jasper Dolphin, Eric Manaka, and Rachel Wolfson, who each do their part, yet I feel Wolfson was underutilized in the gang’s shenanigans, though with all the chaos, I understand why. Did I have a good time with Forever? You bet I did! It is as wild as a Jackass movie should be. Yet if I had seen it in a theater, I probably would have enjoyed it more and laughed harder.


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