Who’s the New Higurashi For? – I Made a Video!

Look, I Did a Thing!

If you like the video, give me a like and a follow, it would mean a lot! The start I had to cut some footage, so it’s less active than the rest, so I promise the video improves as it goes. This was a trial at video editing for me.

7 thoughts on “Who’s the New Higurashi For? – I Made a Video!

  1. Nice job for your first edit.

    BTW – I would have a logo or something at the very start of the clip just so people can identify with you and the JCS brand, rather than just going straight into the main content. It will catch more people than a blank screen especially if they don’t have the volume on or turned up.

    Keep it going though. 🙂

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    1. Thanks 🙂

      This video is a proof of concept for followers with a specific vision in mind so I’m not really worried about branding in this case. I understand the idea though.

      I’ll think about it for next time.

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