‘Tom and Jerry’ Film Review


Tom and Jerry, the world famous cat and mouse from Hanna and Barbera, return to the big (and small) screen in a live-action/CG-animated hybrid film, which has the same humor you come to expect from the duo, but the dullness of a modern children’s comedy trying so hard to be funny, yet will only appeal to the youngest of kids. The good thing I can say about this mediocre mess of a film is that, unlike the previous animated film from 1992, the cat and mouse do not talk. As you can expect, they fight, slap, chase, pull, prod, and many other things, yet while all the action is happening, we have to sit through a story concerning human characters that we end up caring little about, making us wish we had better things to do.

While this is Tom and Jerry’s movie, our protagonist is a young woman named Kayla (Chloe Grace Moretz), trying to find her way in the world. A mishap involving the animated duo causes her to lose her job as a delivery girl, only to lie her way in a fancy hotel, where she ends up getting employed due to a stolen resume. Turns out, a royal wedding is set to take place at this hotel, and Kayla has to figure out how to make sure that this wedding goes according to plan, all the while hiring Tom to get rid of Jerry, who is inhabiting the hotel. Of course, hi-jinks ensue and that is all the film has going for it.

Tom and Jerry is at its best when the cat and mouse are trying to outsmart each other, as it hearkens back to the original 1940’s cartoons. While the animation of these characters may not be as pleasant to look at, it admittedly saves the movie from being completely awful. Not since The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle has a cartoon duo been rendered from 2-D to 3-D by visual alone. In fact, every animal you see in this movie is in the same type of animation style, which works when it is trying to be a cartoon, though distracting during normal scenes. As much as Tom and Jerry tries to be a nostalgic throwback, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, it is not.

Grade: D-

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