Anime ABC’s Z Results

Welcome to the Final Results

After four years and twenty five previous reviews, Anime ABC’s is coming to a close. Before I delve into the results properly, I’d like to take a few moments to thank everyone who has enjoyed the series. Additionally, I’d like to state that this isn’t planned to be the last you hear of this series either. I’ve had a secondary goal with this series, and as long as everything goes as planned, I’ll have something cool to share with you later. I can’t speak anymore on this just in case things fall through or take longer, but rest assured that I don’t plan on killing this series off just because we reached “z”. For now, all I can say is stay tuned and enjoy the final review in my first go at this.

Now, let’s get to the final results I know you all want to see. We had 20 unique voters this time and not a ton of options. Still, I was surprised to see that Terror in Resonance ran away with the votes with a landslide victory, taking 11 unique votes compared to second place’s (Blast of Tempest) 6This review will be interesting since it won’t be the first time I’ve considered talking about this show before, in fact back in 2016, I planned a more serious discussion piece on the show’s contents only to scrap it.

Back then, my original idea was simply to ambitious between my real life stuff and actual ability. I can’t say that Terror in Resonance will speak to me in the same way today, in fact I’m sure it won’t, but I can say that I’ll be ready to bring you the best article possible after giving it a rewatch. In some ways, this will make a fitting end to the this series and I can only hope you’ll enjoy it. Thank you again for sticking with this series for all this time, even if you ended up joining part way through.

While you wait for this review consider checking out the previous winner, Yuri!!! on ICE or my big alphabetized list of every anime I’ve reviewed. As always, the breakdown of the votes can be found below.


Other Votes: Zegapain, Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart (Master of Martial Hearts), Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero), Zone Of The Enders (x2), Zaion, Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho (Grimoire of Zero), Zetman, and Zombie Land Saga (I swear you folks never learn on this even after four years, I’ve reviewed this before…)

8 thoughts on “Anime ABC’s Z Results

  1. Well done! This has been an interesting project in gauging people’s taste in anime. I can’t say I agreed with all the results but that’s how the world works.

    Now you can catch a breath before your next project! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, that’s true. Half the fun though.

      As for catching my breath, I still have to do the review and the rest of the project still needs work but I’ll get a little break between things 🙂


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