#Anitwitwatches Season 8 – The Princess and the Pilot

Welcome to the Eighth #Anitwitwatches!

We’ll be doing something a little different for this season of the watch so please be sure to read this full article for all the relevant information. To start, we are going to be watching a film that was suggested by patron yon.nyan called The Princess and the Pilot thanks to your votes. I don’t know much about it but it seems like it’ll be a pretty fun film!

Below you’ll find information on what the watch is as well as the schedule for the eighth season of #anitwitwatches. Thank you to everybody who has participated in the past and all of you who will be joining for the first time with this series!

What is #Anitwitwatches?

This is a weekly community event meant to bring folks together to revisit old favorites and discover new shows. It’s meant to be something you can get as involved in as you want, there is no pressure to participate every week or every watch, but we’d love to have you to share in the experience and discuss the shows we are watching all the same!

I was inspired to do this after seeing the “rewatches” that people do over at Reddit in the r/anime sub. Since I interact with a lot of you guys on Twitter, I thought it would be the perfect place to do something similar! That said, even if you do not have a Twitter you can still join in by posting any content via WordPress, YouTube, or whatever suits your fancy. If you do, be sure to send me an email at jonspencerreviews@gmail.com so I can share your wonderful creations!

For everyone else, simply watch the episodes for the week based on the schedule below. Make sure to use the hashtag, #anitwitwatches when you do, and that’s it! Discuss with the other folks participating, create content, and generally just have a fun time!

This next show was chosen based on YOUR votes, so let’s get to the watch schedule.

The Princess and the Pilot Schedule

We will be taking a 2 week break, meaning that we will NOT be watching anything for the week of 8/31/20 OR 9/7/20. This is to give me time to properly prepare for hosting the watch and give everybody else a little break before starting something new. We will be keeping the Monday time slot for this watch after careful consideration and feedback.

To offer more clarification beyond the usual speech, I want to further clarify why we are taking a two week break and the plans for the next watch. I happened to get asked in for jury duty so I need to take an additional week off, plus Labor Day is one of the days we’d normally watch. Therefore, it just made sense to give an extra two weeks. However, the biggest reason by far is my plans for the season 9 watch. I won’t say what I have planned exactly, but you better get ready for some spooky fun 😉

If you have not done so, you can see where you can watch The Princess and the Pilot for free, and legally, by using because.moe. Unfortunately, I cannot realistically check all regions but I aimed to make this as accessible as possible. That said, I won’t stop you from doing what you need to in order to participate. The more the merrier!

Here’s the super easy schedule for the film, it’s exactly one day:

Since this is a film, we’ll only be having the one watch date so nice and simple. I hope you’re excited to watch this one and I look forward to all the excellent discussion!

7 thoughts on “#Anitwitwatches Season 8 – The Princess and the Pilot

  1. I’m going to try to watch this on the 13th, so the Sunday before my surgery. If not, then I’ll definitely watch it the following Monday/Tuesday, depending on when I’m released. I would watch it on the 14th, but I know I’ll be too damn doped up to do anything but sleep haha. XD I’m glad it won as I’ve really been wanting to pick it up. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I just checked if it’s available for me, it isn’t unfortunately. But not giving up yet, might have to try my VPN set up. Looking at the film, it looks pretty cool.
    Jury duty huh? Well, all I can say is good luck to you😊 I will spread the word of this on Twitter by retweeting it.
    Ps: spooky fun sounds erm..fun! Take care man!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 I hope you’ll be able to join but I get it if ya can’t. The October watch should probably be easier to jump on board since I know what the offerings are in advance.

      For jury duty, I probably won’t actually have to go but I took the time off just in case because I didn’t want to be overworking myself. I’ve been doing a LOT lately so need to leave room to just not lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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