Anime ABC’s Y Results

Yuri Nation Rise Up!

Taking the gold finish after receiving 9 votes out of the 18 total unique voters, is Yuri!!! on Ice. I did watch this back when it was airing but I never actually reviewed it here so that’s why you saw it on the poll. Not going to lie, this was the show I wanted to win the least, simply because the waves it made aren’t really a secret in the community and my thoughts on it overall are rather plain. However, a rewatch may prove to yield some new opinions or interesting angels for discussion.

I wanted to mention a few interesting takeaways from the final standings for the “Y” round since I got some pretty unexpected results. The biggest one was that every show received at least 1 vote except for Yowamushi Pedal, a cycling anime. I don’t usually review sports shows so I thought this might actually do better.

The other surprises were how many of you really wanted me to review Laid Back Camp. Coming in just one vote shy of tying the overall winner, you guys almost got your wish. In some ways, this isn’t too big of a twist since I know several of you are big fans, but still, I am somewhat surprised.

Now all that’s left is for me to watch the winner and get to reviewing! While you wait for this review consider checking out the previous winner, xxxHOLiC or my big alphabetized list of every anime I’ve reviewed. As always, the breakdown of the votes can be found below.



Other Votes: Your Lie in April (I spaced this on the poll… whoops), Yakusoku no Nebārando (reviewed, please be sure to actually see what I’ve reviewed before doing write-ins), Yuyushiki, and Yuru Yuri

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