Anime ABC’s – X Voting Round & Results

Special Circumstances

I hope you all enjoyed my review of Witch Hunter Robin the other day and are excited to see what will come next for Anime ABC’s. As you may imagine, “X” is a letter that simply does not have a lot of anime to choose from. After doing my cursory look, I found exactly 2 shows that would qualify for the poll which were:

While I would normally put this to a vote regardless, I personally would really like to watch xxxHOLiC for this series. As such, I am making an executive decision to forgo the vote and simply declare it the “winner” for this round. For the the remaining two letters (Y & Z), it will be business as usual as we will have a healthy selection for both letters.

I know that some of you may be disappointed that I’m not holding a vote or giving “X” an opportunity for a second “redemption” round like I did for “Q”, but the choice I made comes with a few advantages the other does not. Let me explain those real quick:

  • Turnaround – The most obvious advantage is that this speeds things up on my end, which in turn means you’ll get the review faster. That’s a win for both of us as setting up these polls are actually a lot of effort. It is not unusual for me to spend 2-4 hours setting up a poll depending on the number of choices, and even then I often miss a show or two regardless. Then of course, I have to wait for the voting period to pass before I can even start watching as the polls are almost always extremely close for at least 2 options.
  • No Tie – Speaking of closeness, this eliminates the chance for a tie. If that were to occur in this case, I’d end up choosing this same outcome anyway so nothing changes there, just speeds things up again.
  • Passion – Finally, the biggest advantage to this choice is that I actually really want to watch this show. It’s not that I don’t typically feel like whatever show you guys send my way, but out of these two options, I’m really only interested in this one. The other is probably fine, but xxxHOLiC has been sitting in my PTW queue for some time now. This means you’ll get a better end product, a win for us both.

Hopefully this brings clarity to the current round and you’ll understand the unique circumstances for this individual letter. As I said, we’ll be business as usual next time so be sure to start thinking about what “Y” and “Z” anime you’d like to vote for (even feel free to make a suggestion for the poll in the comments here). I suspect that this one will take me about a month to watch and review, so please bear with me in the meantime as some other fun things come out during the wait. Of course there’s always my big alphabetized list of anime reviews here if you’d like to catch up!

Not Sure What Anime ABC’s Is?

Anime ABC’s is a fun community focused event that I run here at Jon Spencer Reviews. Any and all people can participate in this event, even if you know nothing about anime! So how exactly does this all work? It’s simple! Just follow the link above and vote for as many of the listed shows (or provide your own) that seem interesting to you. Each round moves to the next letter in the alphabet, so the current “X” round is the twenty fourth anime ABC’s. This is done to keep things interesting and to allow for more variety with each passing round.

The goal of this series is to encourage community input, interaction, as well as to allow me to discover cool new shows, or in some cases, rediscover ones that I previously watched. You can check out my previous ABC reviews for:

Be sure to click on any of the titles listed above (you can’t click on the pictures below, the link thing doesn’t work in a collage) to see what a finished product will look like!

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