Saying Goodbye to Wandering Son – Concluding our Fifth #Anitwitwatches

Come and Vote!

The time has arrived once again to say goodbye to another great season of #anitwitwatches! For our fifth season of the watch we finally decided on Wandering Son. This one has been on the poll since we started this, so it’s been a long time coming! Though like all good things, this season is about to come to a close. With that, it’s time to get ready for the sixth season of the watch! Below I’ll leave a link to our vote on Twitter where you can help decide what we’ll be watching next. Keep an eye out as we’ll be announcing the winner alongside the concluding thoughts for Wandering Son on 5/11/20.

I’ll be reviewing Wandering Son shortly after the watch concludes, so please look forward to that as well!

What is #Anitwitwatches?

This is a community initiative I started a few months ago where we get together and collectively watch an anime. Then, we talk about it on Twitter using the hashtag #anitwitwatches. The first ever watch was for Tonari no Seki-kun which was a lot of fun. You can view more information on the watch, as well as my review on Seki-kun here.

Our second watch was for Rampo Kitan which I had already written about previously, so that review won’t mention the watch at all. However, you can find all of the threads about any previous watch by searching the hashtag on Twitter or by clicking the linked #anitwitwatches right here.

For our third watch we got a bit crazy with the infamous School Days! It wen’t over really well and has even lead others to watching the show some time after the watch has concluded.

Of course, last time we watched Girls’ Last Tour, which was a tiny bit disappointing when all said and done, but still quite enjoyable. With the times as they are, it was an appropriate feeling watch to say the least (even if all this stuff didn’t hit until we were about finished).

Why is X Show on the Poll?

As I mentioned last time, each show was carefully considered using a series of criteria to ensure that this activity remains fun and varied each time. This time around I kept the #anitwitwatches poll largely the same as what we had before with only 1 new edition. A short summary is provided below and in the actual voting thread above as well.

  1. Rolling GirlsA CGDCT show with just enough depth to be interesting week-to-week. Very colorful and fun!
  2. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou – This is a story about failure, but learning to push on even in the face of adversity. For creatives like us, it’s perfect! The show is a 24 episode one, but don’t let that worry you. It’ll work just fine 😉
  3. Death Parade – I still really just want to watch this show again. Due to the nature of the show, it’s ripe for discussion and is easily digestible in large or small chunks. Stories range from heartwarming to tragic. A bit of mystery in here as well.
  4. The Perfect Insider – A short  locked room murder mystery series that has a few quirks. I don’t know if I’d call this “good”, but it is assuredly interesting. Your mileage will largely depend on how quickly you figure out the answer to the mystery. Regardless, I am confident that it would make for a fun watch.

Join in the Fun!

So get to voting! I hope to see you for the next watch and would love to hear about shows you’d like to see added to the poll in the future. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’d be more than happy to answer!

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Wandering Son – Concluding our Fifth #Anitwitwatches

    1. Glad to hear it, I just am very picky about mystery anime, especially when it comes to how easy they are to solve. I think most people liked this one, at least those who watched it.


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