Crisis Council – A Semi-Cooperative Social Board Game for 3-4 Players (FREE)

How’s Everybody Doing?

I hope you are all doing well in spite of everything that’s been going on lately. This is just a quick article letting you know that my creative juices have been on overdrive. As a result, I created Crisis Council, another game that you can go download and play, absolutely free, right now! This was created under the social distancing period (now lockdown) as a way to stay active, but also to have something fun to do with friends and family (and of course, to share with all of you stuck at home).

This is my third-ever full game release following my previous title Tempting Fate and Into the Woods.., which has been highly rated and enjoyed by several hundreds of people now (thank you so much for that). With that, let’s dive right into what this game’s about!


In Crisis Council 3-4 players must work together to repeal a major threat (be it a kingdom fighting off an invasion, a city dealing with a viral outbreak, etc…). However, each player wants to profit when the dust settles. Do you have what it takes to stop the crisis and come out ahead?

-The Game’s Page

Currently this is just the BASIC rules for Crisis Council, I plan to create a much deeper version of the game in the future which is planned for both a digital and physical release. The full version will have a cost as well. Here’s what’s planned for that:

  • Hidden Roles/Objectives
  • Different Arbiter Setups (Tax Rates & Dice Pools)
  • Emergency Declarations (Modifiers for Rounds 2 & 3, Chosen by Arbiter From a Card Pool)

What’s in the Box?

Currently you have access to a 4 page PDF that contains all the rules you need to play Crisis Council. There is no set theme currently, you may decide on that for yourself. The game is relatively straightforward in the BASIC state and shouldn’t be much work to figure out. Just in case, an optional player aid is provided as a separate document.

What You’ll Need

For the BASIC version, you will need 35 six-sided dice and some friends. Do not worry if all the dice are the same size or color, this will not impact gameplay (though it is suggested you play with 35 identical dice when able).

Download Now!

For more information, you can see the game’s page here. Feel free to ask any questions here if you’d like as well. If you have a good time, I do suggest a donation because I put a lot of effort into this, but it isn’t required. You can do that on the game’s page or use my Ko-fi button below. Either is fine. I do ask, that you do rate and share the game if you can even if you don’t want to donate as that helps me out a lot!

Normally I’d write up some questions and such for you here. Just providing my Ko-fi link and wishing you an excellent day! 🙂

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