Anime ABC’s V Results

It Was a 50/50

This time around we didn’t have much choice for the letter “V”. The other category saw a fair number of write-ins, but of the 18 unique participants, 9 of those votes went to our winner:  Versailles no Bara, or The Rose of Versailles. This 1979 anime is one that’s been sitting on my shelf for some time, so this’ll be the perfect excuse to watch it! However, it comes in at 40 episodes so expect this one to take me some time to work through.

One thing I really love about this ABC series, is the fact that each letter seems to bring with it something completely different than the last. By time we reach “Z”, I’m sure that this will be a fairly unique snapshot of the medium that is anime, in so much that we’ll have sampled a bit of everything. Don’t you find that interesting as well?

Anyway, until I can get to the review proper, consider checking out the previous winner, Uchouten Kazoku or my big alphabetized list of every anime I’ve reviewed. As always, the breakdown of the votes can be found below.


Other Votes:  Voltes V, Vampire Hunter D, Violet Evergarden (Already reviewed, please be mindful of this in the future. Vote discarded.), VividRed Operation, Voices of a Distant Star, and Victory Gundam

13 thoughts on “Anime ABC’s V Results

  1. Very cool to see a classic anime win. Very much looking forward to a post on that one! We are nearing the end of the alfabet by the way. Will you be starting the series for a second time? Or no plans yet? 😊

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    1. Hey Raistlin! It’s definitely nice to see you 🙂 This classic should be a good watch. As for plans, I might cycle through again, but I actually have a little something planned first 😉 That’s still in the works though.

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      1. Thanks…I sort of came back today…and I did not lol😊 But yeah, did an update today over on my own blog, and will be around in December in a bit of a diminished capacity so to speak😊
        Oooh…you are making me curious😊 Looking forward to whatever you have planned, and of course this classic anime too! 😊

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