#Anitwitwatches 3 – School Days Watch Schedule & Announcement

Welcome to the Third #Anitwitwatches!

Can you believe we are already on our third watch? This time around we will be watching the infamous School Days. I want to be upfront by saying that this show won’t be for everybody, and it may even make some of you uncomfortable. Do not feel obligated to participate. However, what better environment to watch this anime where we can all have discussion with each other? I’m confident that if you stick with this one from start to finish, you’ll have one unique experience that you won’t soon forget!

I’ll admit though, I was surprised that School Days managed to beat out Wandering Son in the poll. It seemed for sure that Wandering Son couldn’t be touched. YOU spoke, and I listened. I hope you are just as excited to hop on board this roller coaster of emotion and decide once and for all, is School Days really that bad?

What is #Anitwitwatches?

This is a weekly community event meant to bring folks together to revisit old favorites and discover new shows. It’s meant to be something you can get as involved in as you want, there is no pressure to participate every week or every watch, but we’d love to have you to share in the experience and discuss the shows we are watching all the same!

I was inspired to do this after seeing the “rewatches” that people do over at Reddit in the r/anime sub. Since I interact with a lot of you guys on Twitter, I thought it would be the perfect place to do something similar! That said, even if you do not have a Twitter you can still join in by posting any content via WordPress, YouTube, or whatever suits your fancy. If you do, be sure to send me an email at jonspencerreviews@gmail.com so I can share your wonderful creations!

For everyone else, simply watch the episodes for the week based on the schedule below. Make sure to use the hashtag, #anitwitwatches when you do, and that’s it! Discuss with the other folks participating, create content, and generally just have a fun time!

This next show was chosen based on YOUR votes, so let’s get to the watch schedule.

School Days Watch Schedule

Image result for school days anime

We will be taking a 1 week break, meaning that we will NOT be watching anything for the week of 11/11/19. This is to give me time to properly prepare for hosting the watch and give everybody else a little break before starting something new. We will be keeping the Monday time slot for this watch after careful consideration and feedback.

If you have not done so, you can see where you can watch School Days for free, and legally, by using because.moe. Unfortunately, I cannot realistically check all regions but I aimed to make this as accessible as possible. That said, I won’t stop you from doing what you need to in order to participate. The more the merrier!

Here are the dates (all Mondays) and the episodes for each:

  • 11/11/19 – Break (Veterans Day)
  • 11/18/19 – Episode 1
  • 11/25/19 – Episodes 2-3
  • 12/2/19 – Episodes 4-5
  • 12/9/19 – Episode 6
  • 12/16/19 – Episode 7
  • 12/23/19 – Break (Christmas, please enjoy if you celebrate!)
  • 12/30/19 – Episodes 8-9
  • 1/6/20 – Episode 10
  • 1/13/20 – Episode 11
  • 1/20/20 – Broadcast “Ending” (will be provided and discussed as this date approaches) & Episode 12

This means we’ll have 9 weeks of School Days with 2 weeks off for breaks/holidays. I carefully split the episodes up in the most logical way I could based on the content in order to create a fun viewing experience. This series has a lot happen episode-to-episode so I wanted to avoid groupings (especially later in the series) as much as possible. I hope to see you for the watch!

11 thoughts on “#Anitwitwatches 3 – School Days Watch Schedule & Announcement

  1. Welp, I can finally join in for this one – this one’s been languishing on my PTW for a while because I saw it on more than one streaming service, plus its reputation really precedes it, so I went for it over Kekkai Sensen (watched s1, loved it, haven’t watched s2 due to me believing there was a regional lockout on it but there actually wasn’t), Wandering Son (wasn’t on my PTW, but I’ve read the first volume of the manga) and Kokoro Connect (tried it for a random anime challenge and couldn’t get past ep 4, so I’ve basically cut all other ties with it in the process…not to mention I don’t know how I’ll legally ever get access to the OVAs).

    I’ll probably end up doing it on WordPress in a similar style to the way I did the collab with Yomu, since I know I’ll probably end up exceeding the word limit every time if I did it on Twitter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay! Sounds good to me on your plan 🙂 Make sure to @ me and use the # when you post so I can share ’em with folks 🙂

      As for the other shows, you reminded me that Kokoro Connect’s OVA’s aren’t available for most people so that show should be taken off the poll (it is in the US on HiDive but that’s it). A shame you dropped that though, it really shapes up to be pretty fantastic.

      Wandering Son is great, I would not be surprised if that takes round 4. It was really looking good for it this time, so I know the interest is squarely there.

      Kekkai Sensen is really fun, I just thought we needed something fun, so I put it on the list. Plus, I did say that we would revisit shows that folks had likely seen on occasion for this series.

      Anyway, I look forward to this watch and having you on board! 😀


  2. Schedule looks great to me! I appreciate the breaks because I know I’ll forget during the holidays, LOL. Super excited for the next round. This has been such a wonderful experience so far. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for putting it together and hosting.

    Liked by 1 person

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