Saying Goodbye to Rampo Kitan – Concluding our Second #Anitwitwatches

Come and Vote!

The time has arrived once again to say goodbye to another fantastic #anitwitwatches. For our second watch we settled on Rampo Kitan but we will be preparing to move on to a new show after next week. That’s where you come in! Below I’ll leave a link to our vote on Twitter where you can help decide what we’ll be watching next. Keep an eye out as we’ll be announcing the winner alongside the concluding thoughts for Rampo Kitan on 11/4/19.

What is #Anitwitwatches?

This is a community initiative I started a few months ago where we get together and collectively watch an anime. Then, we talk about it on Twitter using the hashtag #anitwitwatches. The first ever watch was for Tonari no Seki-kun which was a lot of fun. You can view more information on the watch, as well as my review on Seki-kun here.

I won’t be doing a special review for Rampo Kitan though because I’ve actually already covered the series and more. That said, I do have a running thread you can view on Twitter if you want to see my running thoughts week-to-week. However, I suspect that everyone else who participated will have a few things to say.

Why is X Show on the Poll?

As I mentioned last time, each show was carefully considered using a series of criteria to ensure that this activity remains fun and varied each time. Three of the series: School DaysKokoro Connect, and Wandering Son were carried over from the first poll. They all seemed like shows people were pretty interested in and I felt no need to change those entries. In general, this will be how each poll works, the “losers” moving on to the next poll.

Our new entry is Kekkai Sensen or Blood Blockade Battlefront. I felt like putting something that had a bit of everything on the poll. It’s a nice mix of general action and comedy, but still brings that unique flair that all of the #anitwitwatches shows have had so far. The goal isn’t to highlight just obscure shows with this watch, but rather ones that are interesting. This anime certainly fits the bill!

Join in the Fun!

So get to voting! I hope to see you for the next watch and would love to hear about shows you’d like to see added to the poll in the future. If you want to see what everybody has been saying about Rampo Kitan, or just want to revisit the old Seki-kun threads, you can do so by searching the hashtag on Twitter or by clicking the linked #anitwitwatches right here.

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