Engaged to the Unidentified – Mini Review

Watched for the Memes

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Specifically the one shown above, though there are more. I didn’t know much about Engaged to the Unidentified but had heard some nice things about. That’s why I decided to watch it recently while I was waiting between things. All I can say after watching this is, it totally makes sense that this is a Doga Kobo show.

Basic plot of this one is that our main character, Kobeni is a pretty average girl who one day has her life changed when she is informed that she is to be betrothed to a boy named Hakuya. Apparently he is a childhood friend, but Kobeni can’t remember much about that time ever since the accident, which Hakuya apparently saved her life during. That’s what the show would have you believe at least.

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While there is a hint of rom-com, and the mystery of the accident is explored to some degree, the real star of the show is Mashiro. She’s the loli girl, just in case that wasn’t clear. For all extents and purposes, she may well be the main character. Given far and away the most screentime, serving as the main catalyst for nearly every event.

The opening doesn’t place too much emphasis on Mashiro, though she is right up alongside the protagonist the entire time. However, the ED is almost exclusively about her, to the point where the male lead and the others are relegated to the side off-stage or blended into the background. It was an odd detail, well until I realized something.

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Mashiro thought Benio was bad…

What I didn’t realize this was a Doga Kobo show at first, but by the end of the 12th episode, when the credits were rolling, I saw it there. It really made the weirdness of giving Mashiro so much focus make a lot of sense. In case you don’t know, Doga Kobo is responsible for such shows as Summer 2019’s, How heavy are the dumbbells you lift? and last year’s, UzaMaid!. Though, they have a whole host of other shows, what I think of when I think Doga Kobo shows is cute girls, especially lolis.

Basically, you should know EXACTLY what you are getting into with Engaged to the Unidentified should you pick it up. I used UzaMaid! in my example shows because, unfortunately, this anime ends up being a mix of that and your more typical shoujo romance with a fantasy slant.

What drug the show down wasn’t Mashiro having so much attention, it was actually the lead’s sister, Benio that was the problem. She’s a hardcore lolicon, but she’s a bit extreme, almost to the point of UzaMaid! territory. While I don’t have a big issue with this stuff, I didn’t like how invasive Benio felt. The “gag” is overused, to the point where that’s really all Benio’s character is. She just loves “Marshmallow”, which is a cute name for Mashiro, I must admit.

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Run Mashiro, run! Don’t let Benio catch you!

Unfortunately, Engaged to the Unidentified is kind of over-hyped. Don’t get me wrong, I generally enjoyed it, but outside of two things, I found myself feeling a bit bored with the show. It feels really average. So what were the two things that kept me interested?

  1. Mashiro of course! I did really enjoy her character and loved seeing her interactions with the cast. She was one of the actually funny parts of the show too. Her character never wore thin on me, which is good. For the real focus of a lot of the show, this is an excellent thing in its favor.
  2. I really wanted to know what happened to Kobeni and learn more about the (and this is a small spoiler by the way) beings that Hakuya and Mashiro were. Unfortunately, this is not explored well at all, to the point where it barely matters outside a few key instances.

Otherwise, the show was just average at the best of times. Nothing to write home about. If Mashiro weren’t in the show, it’d be very boring indeed. If you want to see a cute loli girl and have some romance stuff going on the side, then I suppose this would be for you. Otherwise, you can probably get the full enjoyment from the GIF’s I’ve placed throughout.

Image result for engaged to the unidentified mashiro gif

I give this one 10 Mashiro’s out of 10, for Mashiro… just Mashiro though. Jokes aside, what are your thoughts on Engaged to the Unidentified? The 4-koma manga clearly has a lot more to tell, so I’d love to hear about that as well. If you enjoy my writing, click the Ko-fi button below and buy me a coffee or two to keep me going. Thanks for stopping by, and see you for the next one!

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