Hero Mask Part 2 – The King Returns!

I Guess Hero Mask Read my 7 Seeds Review…

Not too terribly long ago, I reviewed the first “season” of 7 Seedsin which I said:

I’ll save you the trouble, yes, 7 Seeds was a worse Netflix show than Hero Mask was. That’s really saying something, and a massive disappointment because this show is based on a very well regarded manga that is extremely interesting! This adaptation does have the intrigue, but it fails on almost every level to execute on any of it.

-My 7 Seeds review

It seems that Hero Mask has returned to reclaim its rightful place as the worst “original” anime on Netflix. Guess the series was none to happy to have a rival, especially one that was so ready to out do it. Let’s get into it, this was… an experience.

Image result for hero mask part 2 animeWith only nine episodes this time around, we return right where we left off with the first part of Hero Mask. The only problem is that a fairly good chunk of time had passed, so I was a little lost on all the details returning to this. I really hate recap, but a small amount here would have been welcomed because everything moves extremely fast in this anime.

For those who need a quick catch up, or just didn’t watch the first part, this story is focused on finally solving the mystery of the masks. Most of the old cast returns with a few new members, most notably Tina Hurst who was the sole survivor of a deadly crash at the end of the first portion.

Everything else is largely irrelevant outside the existence of the masks and Geffery Connor’s continued pursuit of his research to complete them. He still acts as the main antagonist with Harry by his side for his wife’s sake as usual. All of this probably sounds fine, but here’s what ultimately comes out of all this setup.

James Blood is being monitored due to the actions of the first half, along with the rest of the SSC. He very quickly gets on the bad side of the person monitoring him (I can’t recall his name, he literally doesn’t matter despite large amounts of screen time dedicated to him) and is labeled a criminal after being forced into hiding with Tina, who Connor is trying to capture.

During the course of all this, the police do a terrible job as usual, but it isn’t their fault guys, they have a mole. That’s another reason James and Tina need to go into hiding. SPOILERS! It is exactly who you think it is, no joke, it is obvious BEFORE they even imply the idea of a traitor. There is no mystery in the series whatsoever.

Right, so Tina and James get weirdly close and I guess James falls in love with her? I’m really not sure, but Hero Mask‘s writing has never been very strong. He has a strong sense of duty to her and later actions kind of imply they were into each other, but again, this is minor speculation because it doesn’t go anywhere anyway.

The point is, that James will do ANYTHING to keep Tina safe, so he continues to put her life in danger and do all these wild stunts. Ultimately, this lands Tina squarely in the hands of Connor and the truth behind the masks is revealed.

Image result for hero mask part 2 anime
James wears this bloodied jacket for several episodes, never once changing out of it. He walks around publicly like this too. Totally not suspicious when one is in hiding!

Before all that though, it turns out Harry’s wife dies and he has a battle with James. With his motivation completely lost to the plot, Harry kind of just… leaves? I do want to give the show some credit though, they did do a few good scenes with Harry but his character is totally irrelevant in this season. A common theme.

Oh yeah, there’s also this old guy who is crazy and loves paper airplanes. Turns out though, he ISN’T crazy. Wild, right?!? Called “The Professor” by most of the cast (I can’t remember his real name), he was the leader of the research team behind the masks.

The mask program was meant to force humans to evolve faster and that’s the whole reason they exist. At some point, they hit a wall in research and conducted all these inhumane experiments which we learned about in the first part. Turns out Tina is the last remaining mask, and the only successful instance of them since she has no side effects.

Tina was able to survive the deadly crash thanks to her mask, which she didn’t know about. It was given to her at birth in a desperate attempt by her father to keep her alive after his wife perished. This gave Tina immortality, but she still ages normally. This is maybe the only relevant thing in the story, because without the mask, she will die.

All of this is why Connor wants her mask. Nobody knew about it until the deadly crash, and now we have come full circle. Connor just wants to see the masks completed and for humans to progress while “The Professor” wants to eliminate their existence as he views them as an abomination (oh, I forgot, he’s also Tina’s grandpa I guess). Everybody else is kind of in the middle, they just want Tina not to die.

Ultimately, this all boils down to a battle of ideologies. Science vs nature, but it doesn’t actually say anything. Even when Tina’s mask is removed and Connor succeeds, James does something dumb and gets the new mask back for Tina. She cries and puts it on him instead so he won’t die. She then “dies” only for her grandpa to somehow have magically made ANOTHER mask and gives it to her, totally contradicting all of his motives and dies.

A time jump happens and both Tina and James are good as new. Tina is studying to do science and James is up to his usual self. They bump into each other and the show does this weird scene that doesn’t really work well and that’s it really. That’s the rest of the show. The traitor got found out in all that jumble too, but the show never resolves it, they just assume you know what happens to everybody as a result of it being solved.

I think this ending could have been salvaged for me if James faced any consequences. Had he died protecting Tina, I would have maybe gotten something out of this and felt the writers were at least trying to go for something. Instead, I really can’t tell you what the takeaway is.

It’s bad. Nothing happens at all, everything returns to the status quo and nobody really learns anything outside of Tina. I can honestly say that this is the worst thing on Netflix masquerading as good content, at least from what I’ve watched so far. I wholeheartedly recommend you avoid it at all costs.

Normally I put the trailer here, but part 2 doesn’t have a proper one so here’s part 1’s (again)

A shame too, I was kind of looking forward to seeing how things would resolve but having the show amount to nothing was a major letdown. There just wasn’t a story here. Compounded with the numerous other issues, it is just simply inexcusable.

I’m not going to bother asking if you watched this, I know most of you didn’t. Please don’t. If you enjoy this service I provide, that being me watching all the Netflix garbage and telling you what to avoid, consider a donation by clicking the Ko-fi button below. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed reading this at least!

15 thoughts on “Hero Mask Part 2 – The King Returns!

  1. Hi y’all. I am so enormously disappointed in Hero Mask s2. I kinda liked s1 for its story (for it wasn’t too bad to watch before going to bed) and I really liked the centering around Monica’s death plus the masks. What i enjoyed was the chemistry of James and Sarah, I like myself a nice romance. But whatsoever, she just disappeared without a trace in s2, was never mentioned again – like every other thing in this anime. S2 was all over the place, tbh. I completely lost track of everyone and everything. And the peak was, that they were hinting a romance between James and Tina??? She is 14 y/o and he is what? 20+? I am not very intolerant when it comes to bigger age gaps in relationships, but an adult feeling for a girl, who is not even close to adulthood? Weird?
    Still, I watched til the end, only to find myself quite furious. Nothing was properly explained, everyone disappeares. Where is Harry anyways?
    You mentioned everything I am complaining about – nice review 🙂

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment and read. It’s a shame this show was such a mess, normally I’d enjoy this sort of show. Oh well, there are still many great anime out there, so hope you enjoy the next one!

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  2. I’m not gonna lie Hero Mask is kind of boring and has no type of mystery. I thought at least it would be alittle good as i kept watching but…….it wasn’t, i didn’t even really care for the characters either which is pretty bad. I can’t even believe i wasted my time to keep watching. However i do love the art style and how the characters look.

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  3. I’m confused about the ending. So Tina and James have masks. Only Tina seems to remember anything and everyone else acts as though masks never existed. … … … Makes absolutely no sense.

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  4. This was so bad! I knew it was from S1 but I need to finish things properly.

    The story added a ton of new and important characters out of nowhere and dumped the brunette lawyer from S1, Sarah Sinclair. Yes, I know her name. Virtually every character was called by their full name multiples times and it shows up on screen at some point, like a phone call or computer screen.

    Plus remember random dude from S1 who gets to take out the corporate bad guy? They introduce him and his tragic background with 2 episodes to go and now he’s gone again.

    Character designs were ugly. Not the actual human totally, but their outfits. Winehouse’s assistant had fur on his jacket sleeves randomly, for example.

    This was bad. The action was tolerably, if not completely crazy. Bullet sponge is a good term to use.
    But this show was frustratingly bad.

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  5. Ehh the first season was pretty interesting. I was looking forward to S2 and… Oh boy… What… What the hell did I watch? It seemed like they had no idea how to end the series. Animations, fights, logic, plot… Just terrible. Main characters wear plot armor so thic that their survival have no sense at all. James is a bullet sponge with gallons of blood to shed or simply faceplanted one of these masks offscreen by an accident. That would explain why he is indestructible 🤷🏻‍♂️

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      1. Most animes are predictable, but there were consequences and characters have development which was surprising considering the cast was large and the episodes few. The fight scenes were good besides all the bullets never seeming to hit there mark. It was a risk they decided to take a different approach to production animation and story telling. It felt like watching something like the mentalist or the blacklist with the filler cut out, and only main plot point episodes concluded. It may not be a good fit for anime fan, but it is on Netflix, so maybe they are trying to attract a different audience. I think people who like police dramas or mystery dramas would like this One.

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        1. I can appreciate your enjoyment but as somebody who really loves police procedurals and writes about media like this, I have to say Hero Mask lacks some basic structure in terms of how it presents itself. I’d make the same complaint anime or otherwise. However, don’t let my words stop you from enjoying the show, more power to you there.


  6. Agreed. The ending sucked. I had to watch it a couple of times to confirm that a pseudo quantum leap occurred. The 2nd season is Awful.
    Watch the 1st season, don’t waste your time w the 2nd season, and read the summary instead.

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