Enter the Anime – Mini Review

It’s Not Even an Ad

Netflix released a “documentary” on August 5th, 2019 titled, Enter the Anime. The premise is simple enough, “What is anime?” and follows a newcomer to the industry, Alex Burunova, as she doesn’t proceed to do anything for approximately 50 minutes. If it had not been for this review, I would never have touched this film. Even in the first few minutes, it was so repulsive that I would have turned it off altogether. Yet here we are, as promised. Today I’ll be discussing Enter the Anime through the lens of a piece a marketing for Netflex, as it transparently seems to only exist to sell you on their shows (and it can’t even do that).

I’m going to be frank with you all. There is not a single positive thing I could say about this “documentary”. Even when it had something interesting to say, it was often cut off, impossible to decipher due to the hyperactive editing, or drowned in a sea of vapid nothingness. Just wanted to be upfront about that.

The thesis statement of this is to find out what anime is. It’s clear that the target audience is folks who have never seen an anime in their life, but it also expects the viewer to be familiar with the material as well. If I were totally new to anime, this would have turned me off to the medium entirely, and in the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain why.

First, Burunova constantly talks about how “clean” and pristine Japan is as a nation but then says that anime is made by these “deranged” individuals who are the fringe of their society. This is not only extremely offensive, and mindbogglingly baffling that this was ever released, it implies that there is this level of taboo to the medium.

She also takes every moment to be as edgy as possible. I hate the “fellow kids” kind of comments people make about things when people are genuinely trying to connect to multiple generations, but this was exactly that. There is a moment where they say that a character in Baki says, “I don’t give a fuck” and she follows that up by saying, “Unlike Baki, I do give a fuck”. Which I guess is an alright line if it weren’t ruined by things like, “The Instagram royalty of yore” or whatever that stupid line is.

Image result for enter the anime
Oh right, guess I was a bit off, like it matters though…

Burunova is like this from minute one. She is a terrible narrator and host.

This is followed up by showing the most graphic content that Netflix anime has to offer. Seriously, nonstop. To the “documentary’s” credit, there is a very brief section on “cute culture” and how “anime is for kids”, but it comes so late in, and is so short, that it may well not even have been included.

Finally, the editing and presentation of any topic is just plain awful. It is so transparent that this is just a giant ad for Netflix anime, especially the CG shows (which is fine), that it goes as far as to undermine its entire premise in the opening minutes.

Let me explain, the first interview is with the Castlevania guy. You know, not a Japanese person or a show even made in Japan. I’m not one of those people who think anime is only something from Japan either, but this really undercut any credibility anyone might have for what’s to come, and not just for this reason.

The guy is a massive weirdo! He starts things off by telling the audience that he is a “time traveler” and wastes almost 12 minutes of the runtime talking about his DOG and Kanye West of all things. What does that have to do with anime?

Image result for enter the anime
“Professional” editing…

Even when they do finally talk to some industry people, half of the “interviews” are just… nothing. The worst instance of this was when they left a phone call with Yoko Takahashi’s manager in the “documentary”, instead of talking about NGE (which they never even mention by name for some reason) or showing her performance beyond a few seconds. It was just bad.

Oh yeah! They even recycled footage in this 50 minute piece of garbage. Can you believe that? More than once too! There’s no substance here. One interviewee talked about how many people don’t know him because Netflix lets you skip OP’s and ED’s, but that is given like 2 seconds. Almost all of them laugh about the lack of sleep they get, as if it is some joke you need to “get” about the industry. It was frustrating to watch.

Ok, so what was the point then? Like I said, this is meant to push Netflix shows. I think that’s fine, but they don’t really show much off, and a lot of the things they chose were the edgiest and least accessible titles. Even just choosing from among their “original” properties, they really did not offer variety here. It made anime feel immature, hyper violent, and kind of obnoxious.

Furthermore, they chose almost exclusively CG shows, where much, or even all, of the product was not animated in 2D. Again, this would be fine except that just isn’t what anime is on the whole. Same can be said for the last point.

Also there was this strange focus on titles that haven’t even come out yet. Some not until 2020. This was really dumb, because when those things were stacked up alongside this train wreck, it didn’t make me want to watch them. Seriously, I have less confidence in some of these shows because they were in this “documentary”.

In a lot of ways, this would have been better as a mini series with proper time given to all its topics. The question of “what is anime?” is answered in a lot of ways: culture, food, style, etc… but ultimately settles on saying it doesn’t matter. It chooses to abandon its core premise to say “it brings people together” and “it gives a voice to the outcasts” but, I just couldn’t help but feel it was pandering. Void of all meaning. A genuine waste of time, and a massive mistake on the part of Netflix.

This is slightly longer than the max character limit of 1,000 words I set for these mini reviews, but this was just that bad. I tried to stay focused on the marketing angle, but I just couldn’t avoid airing grievances. Let me know if you liked this in the comments, please tell me how you managed to do that. Support my stuff via the Ko-fi button below. See ya in the next one folks.

19 thoughts on “Enter the Anime – Mini Review

  1. This seems to be the standard review for Enter the Anime. Last week I made the decision not to watch it after reading multiple reviews along these lines and after reading this I’m sticking with that decision. Does not seem worth the time even to see how bad it is.

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    1. Yeah, I tried not to repeat what other people were saying, but it really was unavoidable. Some of the stuff is /so/ bad that not calling it out would be insulting to the reader.

      Anyway, that’s a good decision. You will not be missing out and can better spend that 50 minutes doing literally anything else.

      Thanks for reading though! 🙂

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  2. Great review! 😀 I never had a lick of interest in watching this in the first place, but after reading your review….wow. I never felt like Netflix really respected anime, more like taking it on to make money and nothing else, but what is even this? If it is made as a big advertisement for their anime….why would they make it like this? Make it seem like anime is for either weirdos or children so the non-fans don’t want to watch anime, and make it insulting to anime fans so they don’t want to see anime Netflix makes/licenses. What kind of sense does that make?

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    1. One of the first things said in the “documentary” is, “When Netflix /hired/ me to make this…” and that’s really all you need to know. A soulless production made by folks who don’t care, just as you’ve said.

      Thanks for the kind words on the review and for reading though 🙂 It’s appreciated!

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      1. It’s a shame, really, because, like you said, the subject matter is rich in possibilities and a lot of things the public, both fan and non-fan alike would be interested in learning about both in the history and culture of anime. And it would be AWESOME to have a documentary or mini-series that helped combat the stigma on anime fans and make it easier for people to be introduced to the medium, but instead they spit this out and probably made that matter worse. :\

        You’re welcome! Keep up the awesome work! 😀

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        1. No kidding. This shines a bad light on anime, fans, and Netflix as a company. It really is a disaster in all respects. I’d totally watch a sweet mini series or serious documentary that did what you purpose though.

          I remember back to this show that Stu Levy did called “Ultimate Otaku” (you can find it on YouTube). Even that was better, and it had some cringe material for sure. I got way more out of that, and it made anime seem way more positive, even when they had a few weirdos featured on it.

          Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to keep things up of course too 🙂

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  3. Lol…well…this sounds so bad that I actually want to see it for myself now just to laugh at how horrible this is. But…am not going to even waste my time on garbage such as this, as your review had made it pretty clear: avoid at all cost. So…I promise to do so. Thanks for the warning and sorry…I had to laugh a few times at this post: because really I felt your anger, and it reminded me quite a bit of my The Last Jedi rant post 😊 That said: this was a great post Jon. Hopefully someone will make a better documentary some day 😊

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    1. I get what you mean lol. I really thought people might have been over blowing how bad it was, and they weren’t. There’s an unwritten rule in advertising for stuff like this, you don’t want your audience to realize that the thing is even an ad, and this utterly fails at that.

      I hope that a better documentary can get made, that would be great!

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  4. You’ve pretty much hit every nail on the head! My review for this is coming out tomorrow and I have a lot of the same kinds of stuff to say. You picked up on some stuff which I completely missed like the NGE thing! I think since we are anime fans we all just automatically know but for newbies to the anime world it would seem so random. Also the editing, omg I knew it was bad but I didn’t realise how bad with your screenshot examples xD

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