Anime ABC’s T Results

It Was The Battle of the Films!

With 22 unique voters it soon became apparent that this was a fight between films. The other titles, with the exception of Trigun, didn’t even get close! For a long time it was between the following:

  • The tale of Princess Kaguya
  • My Neighbor Totoro
  • Tokyo Godfathers
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

It wasn’t until the last few votes rolled in that these four movies even diverged from each other. Soon it was apparent, our winner was…

Tokyo Godfathers! I’ve actually seen this one before but I love Satoshi Kon’s stuff and  am looking forward to revisiting this one as a late “Christmas in July” type deal. I can tell you now, if you haven’t seen this one, it is well worth your time. To find out why, you’ll just have to wait for my review 😉

Since this is a film, I’ll probably get around to this fairly quickly, so please keep an eye out and look forward to it. Until then consider checking out the previous winner, Silver Spoon or my big alphabetized list of every anime I’ve reviewed.

As always, the breakdown of the votes can be found below. It seems again that I forgot to include a show, Time of Eve when it came to this list, but at least 1 person gave it some love with the “other” option. Trust me guys, it is tricky putting these lists together!



Other – Tsurune, Time of Eve, To Love-Ru, and Tekkaman Blade

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