7 Seeds – Mini Review

Worse than Hero Mask?!?

Image result for 7 seeds animeI’ll save you the trouble, yes, 7 Seeds was a worse Netflix show than Hero Mask was. That’s really saying something, and a massive disappointment because this show is based on a very well regarded manga that is extremely interesting! This adaptation does have the intrigue, but it fails on almost every level to execute on any of it.

Long time readers will know that studio Gonzo and I have a history as I’ve watched a surprisingly large amount of their library. It’s impressive that they are still producing stuff even today, like in today’s case with 7 Seeds. Even though I think this show is rubbish, it does live up to my main thought on Gonzo’s work:  not all of their shows are good, but they are all at least interesting.

This is a doomsday survival story. The world is about to end, so the government forms teams of people, putting them in cryosleep, so that they can one day rebuild society long after the remainder of humanity has been wiped out as a last resort. It’s such a strong premise, which I am not doing justice to.

I was just praising Phantom in my last article for how well it adapted its source material by making changes, that I feel kind of bad about what I have to say on 7 Seeds’s behalf. It too makes changes, but it really doesn’t work at all. Shots are pretty faithful to the manga, the issue more lies in that an episode could cover up to 10 chapters of the manga at a time. That’s absurd!

All of this isn’t helped by the fact that the anime chooses to jump all over the place, following various groups of people, some even on unique timelines. It isn’t like things are hard to follow, but stuff is just constantly happening and way too quickly. Especially the bad stuff.

Image result for 7 seeds anime
This arc was just way too much for me, and I LIKE dark stuff…

What I mean by that, is the bad things that happen to the characters. Even if you somehow cared for any of them (seriously, there are maybe 3 I didn’t totally hate), you have no down time to appreciate when they have a moment of calm. Unrelentless is how I would describe this, it just keeps throwing tragic event, after tragic event.

On the note about the characters, they are all terrible, even the supposed “good guys” from the “good teams”. Let me give you an example, one character hates another character because he is kind of a coward. She does horrible stuff to him and others. Later, he dies to save her life and MAGICALLY she gives a huge speech about how much she loved and cared about the dude. It all feels so fake. These don’t even feel like characters.

It wasn’t all bad though, like I said. There was a lot of cool world building details and concepts tossed around. 7 Seeds even managed TWO whole (mostly) effective story beats! One was about an underground shelter, the first way the government tried to protect people. This was the more effective of the two, even if it was a little goofy and over the top in places. The second was about Jesus, but he’s good at baseball and also has dogs. It was just his backstory.

Otherwise, the animation was baffling in terms of how bad it was. The character’s look great, aside from the gross hair thing, which is cool because the manga art would not have translated well to animation. Music was a joke, even the OP and ED. I’ve already spoken to the writing and direction, so that’s it really.

I guess there is one pretty big thing left. 7 Seeds doesn’t even have an ending! Netflix really has a bad habit of not finishing what they start when it comes to these “original” projects. Thankfully, I do know that the second half of this series is coming soon, but it was a pretty big mistake to leave things hanging like they did.

Not going to lie, I was still interested in watching to see how things progressed. The world was interesting and critiquing the issues with things was fun for me. However, leaving off on what I wouldn’t even call a cliff hanger, literally just cutting from the middle of what feels like a normal episode, was gross. It also wasn’t clear that this was meant to just be a part 1 either.

Should mention, the dub is not bad. Anyway, this trailer doesn’t look too bad, does it? Yeah, I wish it was true…

Of course it isn’t hard to figure that out once you finish the “final” episode, but it just doesn’t sit well with me. Clearly, I mean I’m on my third paragraph about it now. Do yourself a favor, totally pass on 7 Seeds. If you really want to check it out, at least wait until the second half drops on Netflix so you (hopefully) get a complete product.

Did you make the mistake of watching 7 Seeds? Totally disagree with me here? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Consider dropping a few bucks my way by hitting the Ko-fi button below if you like my articles here. Thanks for reading and see ya soon!


18 thoughts on “7 Seeds – Mini Review

  1. I was curious about this one but I think I will wait given it isn’t finished yet. I’d rather know that it was going to end before diving in at this point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    1. That’s totally fair and the smart thing to do for sure. The second half is coming out in August some time, so it shouldn’t be a long wait. I’ll keep folks updated on both this series and Hero Mask since I’ll be finishing them up as they release.

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    1. Yeah, it really is. I watched it to see if the reviews were exaggerating or not, plus I had interest too, they really weren’t. That said, once the second half is released it could become more worthwhile, but for now I’d advice against the show and point to the manga instead.

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  2. Well as someone who really loves endtime/apocalyptic storylines, this is one heck of a disappointment😢 Because really when I read your premise for it, I really thought: Wow that sounds pretty cool!…Too bad it apparently isn’t 😔😔 Well, who knows…maybe season 2 might improve things? It can happen….😊

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    1. Yeah, it really was a pretty big bummer. I was hoping the other negative reviews were exaggerating a bit. You are right though, the second half could bring it up. Since this did sound good to you, I encourage you to seek the manga out, it is actually good (read some of it).

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      1. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m about to start with Alita Battle Angel the manga, but maybe afterwards I will check this out 😊
        Will keep my fingers crossed that hopefully season two will redeem it a bit 😊

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  3. Oof! That’s a rough review. I think the most recent Gonzo series I watched was Bokurano. Yeah, that’s a long time ago. I want to check out their newer works, but I think I’ll skip this one especially if it has protagonist centered morality going on.

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        1. Gakutsuou is pretty dope. Certainly one of the more visually unique anime in existence at the very least. I found it a better time than the actual book, but that could just be me lol.

          Eh, it is what it is. Not every show can be a winner.

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