Hero Kids – Mini Review

Getting Kids into Role-playing

Image result for hero kidsDo you have kids or spend time with any ever? Want to share the joys of role-playing with them but just don’t know how? Look no further than Hero Kids! For kids as young as 4 all the way up to around 10, Hero Kids will offer you a simple and fun game that kids will beg you to play. Not only that, but it is perfect for busy parents as well with easy setup and not a long playtime.

The first thing that makes Hero Kids something I’d recommend over other child-friendly games is the fact that it transitions well into bigger games when the time comes. You love D&D? Great! It’ll get your kido ready by building concepts slowly here.

Image result for hero kids
An example of how you can expand the game

Another reason is that the game is flexible. You can make things more, or less, complex depending on the needs of your child as they develop. I’ve already mentioned that things are easy to manage parent-side, so this isn’t really any extra work either! Personally, I spend about 10-20 minutes getting a game ready and play only takes an hour at the absolute most.

Need more info still? I encourage you to check out my monthly posts over on Reddit (I use the same Jon Spencer Reviews handle there). I explain in great detail how I took a group of kids of widely varying ages, and zero play experience, and got them hooked on Hero Kids. I also give tips and advice alongside this, which can help with children’s activities, even outside of tabletop gaming.

Hero Kids is very affordable at $5.99 for the base book, but I would go all out and get the everything bundle if this interests you. It is great value, and better yet, if you decide to upgrade beyond PDF, you’ll get a 50% off coupon. Additionally, future content is free for you as well!

This is a great game and I really love it. The benefits of role-playing are really great so I encourage you to give them the gift of Hero Kids. Not only will they love you for it, but you will have fun too! That’s a win-win in my book.

Have you heard of Hero Kids? What role-playing games do you play with the kids in your life? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! If you want to support my work, consider a donation with my Ko-fi button below. Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Hero Kids – Mini Review

  1. This looks really fun! I started roleplaying back in my teens with the orginal red box D&D set, but I always ended up having trouble trying to find people to play with. Eventually I discovered the fighting fantasy books, and had a lot of fun with those. This is really cool though. Haven’t got any kids myself unfortunately, but it certainly looks like something kids would enjoy! 😊

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    1. It really is a lot of fun! While you were away I started looking at TRPG products since I’m an affiliate for a distributor now, and there are a ton of super cool games out there. I know what you mean on the group finding though.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to have ya back 🙂

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      1. Well…there are a lot of boardgame things coming up soon on my blog (I think you will especially like a certain post that will be going up on monday. Not going to say anything about it yet, except to say that I think you will like it 😊).
        True though…there are way too many cool games out there (my wallet keeps complaining about it lol 😂).
        Thanks Jon, I appreciate it! It’s great to be back 😊

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        1. I’ll keep an eye out! Been trying to read other people’s posts lately, but I’ve been wrapped up in other projects and such.

          No kidding! My hobby budget is basically zero, I just can’t afford anything but I keep seeing things that would be really cool to have lol.

          Sure thing! 😀

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          1. No worries! I definitely understand. I have been back one day and already it’s getting hard to keep track of everything lol 😂😂
            Hmm…well…than all I can say is….definitely keep an eye out then because erm…shhhhhhhh…*cough…cough* competition coming….*cough….cough*…..Oops, don’t you just hate it when you have an annoying cough? 😂😂😂

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            1. Lot of great content getting produced by folks, that’s for sure! Oh, yeah? Haha, well that sounds interesting lol. You should really get that cough checked out though 😉


    1. Yeah, it is really fun and they come up with a lot of interesting solutions to problems. If you check out the Reddit threads you can really see it all in action 🙂


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